VIDEO: Sarah Palin backs Republican candidate who thinks Puerto Rico is a country


Now here's a man voters can trust. Vaughn Ward (R), a congressional candidate in Idaho, thinks Puerto Rico is a country, and then doesn't give one half a hoot that he's wrong.

"It doesn't matter."

Um, yeah, it does. And so does this:

Sarah Palin is in Boise to campaign for Republican Vaughn Ward -- who is vying for a seat in congress. [...]

There is speculation by some that Sarah Palin's visit to Boise is to help repair some of Ward's negative press. Whether it be the accusations that he plagarized on his website, or the revelation that he did not vote in the 2008 presidential campaign that he worked on.

That classy Mindless McVacuumBrain and her fine taste. In the intelligence department, she and Ward do seem evenly matched, though.

And with Mindless behind him, Vaughn's bound to lose, so it's a win-win situation.

  • Stupidity has become a virtue in America. Was it Sara, or Bush who thought Africa was a country?

  • I love how you can only hear one person clapping for that asswipe! LOL

  • He needs to come down here to South Florida, I can see Puerto Rico from my house!

  • Jonah

    Pride of ignorance is in vogue these days, dontcha know! So everybody, GET STUPID!! :-p

  • Vaughn Ward can't handle the truth. Sucks to be him.