VIDEO: Charlie Crist Can't Remember Why He Opposed Sotomayor


Gee, I know I didn't want Sotomayor confirmed, but I have no idea why that might have been. She must have said something that put me off, but for the life of me, I can't remember what that was.

Oh, and did I mention I'm an Independent now?

Via Taegan, re: Crist's interview with the Miami Herald:

Adam Smith: "It couldn't possibly because he was in trouble in the Republican primary back then, could it?"

  • July 21st, 2009
    “As Governor, I have had the honor of appointing dozens of judges, in both the appellate and trial courts. Selecting a judge, particularly to a supreme court, is one of the weightiest and most important decisions any elected executive can make.”

    “While I have not had the opportunity to meet personally with Judge Sotomayor–a crucial step in the selection process–I have reviewed and reflected upon her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and come to the conclusion that I cannot support her appointment to the United States Supreme Court. Judge Sotomayor is worthy of respect for her many accomplishments and her remarkable story of success. However, I have strong concerns that Judge Sotomayor would not strictly and objectively construe the constitution and lacks respect for the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. For these reasons, I cannot support her appointment to the highest court in the land.”

  • Linzack

    Charlie can't be responsible for having to remember why he's against anything. He's a gay man who stands up against gay rights. He's a liar and can't be trusted on any level. All he has to do is be honest... but he's a politician and that's a difficult think to expect. He's got to be defeated and hopefully it'll happen with the upcoming elections. Funny how no one in Florida wants to call him on his sexuality lies. Being Gay is not something the be embarrased by. But lying about it is. He's a piece of $#it and needs to go away. DG.