Rand Paul former spokesperson's MySpace page: "Happy Ni***r Day!"


Thank you, Jesus' General, for linking to this story. UPDATE: It's from 2009. This was Rand's FIRST spokesman. Title edited.

UPDATE #2 via comment from Barefoot and Progressive blogger:

"He resigned 12 hours after I wrote this post, fyi. Though Rand defended him and said he wasn't a racist."

Original post:

Chris Hightower is was the campaign spokesperson for Rand Paul. He has a MySpace page, and Barefoot and Progressive screen grabbed some rather disturbing images from it:

Let's take a gander at Chris's MySpace page, which for reasons unknown is still public [...]

There is a lot more here. Please go read the whole post.

Try distancing yourself from this, Rand. Go ahead. All the overtalking and filibustering won't help. The Rachel Maddows of the world will expose you for who you are, with a lot of help from MySpace, Spokesperson Chris, and bloggers like the ones who brought this to our attention.

  • osXmacs

    The Tea Party and Rand Paul prove that Fred Phelps represents the Christian Agenda.

  • What is wrong with these people!!! Dammit!!

  • The Paul family seems to have a problem of always being on the periphery of extremely racist people. Hopefully any Paul supporters of conscience will reconsider their support after this latest in a long line of similar episodes.

  • Racists flock to this type of world view... but I would caution that doesn't mean that those who have this type of world view (libertarianism) are all racists... That's not the case.

    That said, I think those (like Rand Paul) who have these types of libertarian beliefs haven't really thought them through clearly... I don't think they realize what their world view would lead us to... in reality. Folks like this think in purely philosophical ways rather than in real world ways. It should open their eyes... those who are on their side... who are not thinking philosophically but rather how they can legalize racism.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Well, I'm going to vote for Rand Paul now. Fuck the liberal faggots.

  • Not racist? Then what the hell defines racism to Mr Teabaggy?

  • WTF? Don't these people get vetted any more? Or, should we just figure if you're too stupid to vet someone you're going to hire, you deserve the fall out if there is any?

    ...oh yes, and too stupid to vote for.

  • Thanks! I added that to the post.

  • He resigned 12 hours after I wrote this post, fyi. Though Rand defended him and said he wasn't a racist.