VIDEO: Rand Paul's hypocrisy


(ABC video; H/t: Kathy Riordan)

Country clubs are now the place to be for populist Tea Bagger victory parties. Who knew? All this time we thought the Rand Paulers were into grassrootsy everyday-people locales, like, say, government owned property.

But once he got comfy in his hoity-toity digs, he was clearly indoctrinated. He instantly learned to snub the little people. What can be more anti-establishment than that?

Dr. Rand Paul's campaign manager Dave Adams reacted with disbelief to reports that Secretary of State Trey Grayson had complained that Paul wouldn't take his concession call Tuesday night.

Let's give the guy a break. The reception was probably really bad, what with all the crystal and fancy schmancy window treatments, plush carpeting, marble, and ice sculptures.

Of course Dave denies everything. Hey, it's hard to pick up the phone when your mouth is full of caviar.

WCPO-TV reported the slight, quoting Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson saying of the slight "it happened." The report also quotes Marc Wilson, whom they identify as a lobbyist and Grayson friend saying, "This is truly a classless act in politics."

Just because you hang out in a country club doesn't mean you're classy.

I'm sure others experienced the same glitch. Surely, there were several missed calls:

McConnell was able to reach the winning candidate Tuesday night. Paul told CNN he and McConnell had a 2 to 3 minute phone call after his victory speech and each looked forward to the rally on Saturday.

According to Adams, Paul also received congratulatory calls from Mitt Romney, retiring Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, and Sarah Palin.

Phone-y McIdiot got through?

Adams laughed and said that if she wanted to, Palin could also make the claim that Paul refused her call because he couldn't reach the doctor when she called for him.

What a laugh riot! I hadn't realized the Paul team had a sense of humor.

What am I saying? Their whole platform is a joke.

  • Montana

    You gotta love all the conservatives in Kentucky who voted for Rand Paul and brought him to national exposure, priceless. Let’s face it they will try to vote this liar in but we can only wait and see if there is other skeletons in his closet, oh yeah he is not a racist, I repeat, he is not a racist. Great thing is we are talking about Kentucky, so being a racist maybe a positive, we will see. Yee Haw!

  • Walt

    Lou, you and like many others whose comments I have read echo your anger and/or hatred towards Obama because of the wars. But do you really think Obama doesn't want to bring the troops home? Do you have all the facts and understand the volatile situation over in that region of the world that was caused by the decisions of the last president? I am not making excuses for Obama. But lets be a little more accurate... you assume Obama wants to start a war with Iran because of what you read from somewhere that assumes it knows what really is going on. And do you really think Ron Paul would step into this situation and just end it? You know Congress has a play in this thing too. All they have to do is stop funding the war which I am sure that any attempt at that would be blocked by the Republicans.

    By the way, Obama has a little more on his plate that just wars. Mistakes and all, Obama has had some great successes in less than two years despite dealing with a corporate media dividing this country with FOX News leading the way undermining this president since before he was elected by anyway that sells. In fact, if FDR, JFK, Teddy, or Lincoln were president today, I am sure you would be attacking them. "Obama hangs out with his Wall Street buddies?" What, do they play basketball together... have a weekly poker game, whatever? Ahh, if everything was that simple to figure out. Say what you want to say, but as I write, Republicans are blocking any kind of financial reform.

    While I agree with some of Ron Paul's positions I am no Libertarian. His economic philosophy is a fantasy that in reality would screw this economy up again just like what happened under Bush for simple fact that greed corrupts. In fact, that is why our country is where it is at because of the years since Reagan where greed and weak souls has given rise to the powerful monopoly of corporate interests and banks. We all know there are people who base their self-worth on how much money they have. And there are those who are rich and powerful with authoritarian complexes who need to control the masses and fear a powerful middle class. So they create a powerful media that attacks every fundamental tool of Democracy that helps to create a strong middle class like unions, bank regulatory, consumer protections, etc. And they use fear and loathing to divide main street. And remember, it is a hell of a lot easier being an armchair president than being the president.

  • When did I ever call someone a total dick?

  • Lou

    I must honestly thank you for your replies and I do not wish to be confrontational but calling someone a "total dick" is hate... criticism identifies substance, policies, and wants reply while namecalling ??? I would like to end the wars which are killing poor people of color and Ron Paul's foreign policy will do this. It doesn't matter if repub or dem, gay or straight, is there anyone left who is anti-war?

  • I'd go further: Paul is wrong MOST of the time. He's a homophobic paleoconservative who talks about Christian identity but named his son for an atheist abortion advocate.

    BTW, check the numbers from Kentucky: according to the Kentucky State Board of Elections website, Paul’s race saw just 344,263 votes — while the Democratic nomination saw 511,323. I smell a big fail coming in November.

  • Ron Paul has been "correct"? Really? There's not enough gold in the world to return to the gold standard. When you say "right," I think you mean that he says things that FEEL right to you, even when they aren't.

  • It was odd that you thought I was "panicky" and that we "hate". Nobody here
    hates. We do criticize, but hate? Hardly.

    Negativity about Paul stems from what he stands for (some of it, not all).

  • Lou

    The Paul family is feeling quite victorious also...I've always enjoyed political carnival but I don't understand the negative waves towards Rand Paul or my comment ...Is honesty odd??? If it is then we should all be panicky!

  • I hadn't realized I was panicky. I did realize I was feeling quite
    victorious after last night. What an odd little comment to leave.

  • Lou

    Bigtime hater!!! Paul won in landslide because he's truthful and his father has been entirely correct on everything ...You are getting panicky as Obama hangs out with his wall street buddies(BernanKe, Summers, Geithner), continues Bush's wars, ands tries to start a new one with Iran!!! You"gotta laff" but it helps to know why...I voted for Obama but facts are facts

  • Rand Paul is as close as American political children come to Damien Thorn.