Audio/Video- Rand Paul On Voting Against 1964 Civil Rights Act, Americans With Disabilities Act, more


Quite a bit of discussion and disbelief on Hardball tonight over this. Listen to Paul dance! The whole Editorial Board interview from the Courier Journal here. Via TP.

UPDATE- Here's a vid of part of the Courier Journal interview from Oliver.

  • He's against "institutional racism"; what a f-cking code word. Means he wants no laws against racism that individuals practice (on behalf of businesses).

    And he wants state-level environmental protections only. So if pollution from a factory in Cincinnati reaches Kentucky.... he'll call & leave a message? This should be fun to watch.

    He perpetuates the fiction that Jim Crow was a government imposition against popular wishes, when racism was endemic to local cultures and populations, as codified by local & state laws.

    Finally, he's either got a horrible hairstylist, or a horrible toupeƩ!