Arizona threatens to cut L.A. power as payback for boycott


Arizona, I live in the L.A. area. You talkin' to me?

"I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation. [...] If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona's economy."

This already ugly situation just got even uglier. Between the racial profiling legalized by the "Papers Please" law and blatant threats to leave a major city in the dark, Arizona is not exactly presenting its touchy feely, welcoming side.

I wonder how Lakers coach Phil Jackson will respond to a possible blackout at the Staples Center. Will he support that, too?


  • Jesse D

    try 85%, i work for FERC

  • trispeed

    That's not the law, actually. The police must have already stopped someone for another reason, then if they have a reasonable expectation that they are illegal, they must inquire as to their immigration status. Fair enough.

  • WriterJohn

    Since the neocons want to limit the federal goverment and don't want the feds "spending their money," then why doesn't AZ pay for their own fence? Plust they can arrest and detain whoever they want. But then don't come crying if other people find it offensive and do not want to contribute to your state. Typical neocon hypocritical refrain, "Don't tell us what to do. Hey why aren't you helping us?"

  • Chuck Hovey

    I would encourage those outside of AZ to remember many of us disagree with our legislature and less than governor for their questionable bills, ideology and now laws. Gary Pierce is an elected official who has issued a questionable letter worthy only for the lack of judgment taken to write it. Arizona will change, but it will take time to pry those from the legislature who have been influenced by radical right, such as Sen. Russell Pearce, immigration bill author, (buddies with the AZ National Socialists (Nazi) as is Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff, and the organization FAIR. Sadly, common sense has been replaced by a quasi-ideology tainted by National Socialist doctrine which is sweeping this nation. Just remember two things...not all of us support this mangy group; and secondly, millions died in WWII to rid us of this horrible ideology. Now it is making a reappearance in a gentler form.

  • Eric

    Lotus_Man wrote "The person who wrote the letter either doesn't know how these things work, or is just bluffing. Regardless, its a pretty lame tactic, and not well thought out."

    Kind of like the immigration legislation. I don't think lawmakers use their brains much in AZ.

  • Your comment would be so much more effective if you didn't scream, and if
    you knew how to spell.

    I live in CA. I venture to say many people come "over here" and buy houses.
    In this state, we find it's good for our economy, and we welcome people into
    our state without asking for their papers based on skin color.



  • alan8

    I think this deserves a military response. Now California needs to convince its citizens that Arizona is working with Al Qaeda. Maybe they could stage a false-flag attack in LA and blame it on Arizona. (It worked for Bush.)

  • azportsider

    What I find interesting here is that Mr Pierce, in his infinite wisdom, decided to make what he clearly specified is a private, albeit empty, threat on what sure looks like official Arizona Corporation Commission stationery. I take this as serious abuse of whatever power he thinks he has, and I've already contacted the Arizona State Attorney General's office about it

  • turtle

    This law requires police officers to stop people whom they have reason to suspect do not have papers. This week. Next week could require stoppage of cars that are suspected to not have guns. Or not have Bibles. Or not have framed pictures of Joseph Mc carthy. Good bye, freedom of expression, i'llmiss you.

  • Dear Tim, we don't call each other names in Comments. If you don't like what we write, go elsewhere. Buh bye now.

  • Tim

    You're so biased. Have you even read SB1070? There is no racial profiling or racial discrimination in it. All Arizona did was copy the federal law already in place (that is being unenforced) and made it so their police could enforce it. Arizona is doing the job that needs to be done that the feds are refusing to do. The L.A. boycott of Arizona was nothing short of childish and this is the right response to L.A.'s action. In the real world you can't strike someone with impunity. If you do something it always has consequences and in this case L.A.'s economic terrorism towards Arizona may result in ~25% of their city not getting any power. Please know what you are talking about before making another article, anyone reading this on the great wide web who isn't a brain dead,indoctrinated, liberal is probably thinking you are an idiot.

  • PB

    Be real, it is not a "papers please law ", I read the law, it is legal and constitutional. I am amused, dont pick a fight with the short stick LA.

  • hoser

    This version of the story is even more amusing:

  • Evergreen

    I was just curious about the generating assets themselves. Is it true that one of them is on tribal land that Arizona has no authority over? I was just observing and was not going to comment on this story, but I got curious. If it is on tribal land, that could be interesting to see how the Arizona Commissioner handles it.

  • Marnie

    Apparently Mr. Pierce missed the class on contracts. Arizona has a contractual obligation, and if it defaults there are legal and monitary consequences.

  • Don Fortunado

    Hilarious. Arizona will have to shut down power plants to reduce capacity, a giant economic hit. Let them.

  • dave

    What an idiot. If LA does get 25% of its power from nAZizona then they, no doubt, have long-term contracts that would be hard to renegotiate. Not to mention I'd bet FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Attorney General might have something to say about this EXTORTION letter. Because extortion is really what he's trying to do. That's a crime.

    I'm so glad I don't live in such a xenophobic state.

  • MordacPreventor

    As L.A. stated, they are part owners of the plants and transmission lines.

    This AZ moron should have known that.

  • guest

    Let Arizona make this move to make a point, let Los Angeles buy its' power from another company, and see which one comes out ahead. This letter shows that the movers and shakers in AZ are becoming increasingly unhinged as the boycott grows. Keeping up the pressure on AZ is the way to go. The state did the same thing about recognizing the MLK Holiday as a national observance. They lost money, then they capitulated.

  • So, let me get this straight. Arizona, taking an economic hit from the L.A. boycott, wants to further the economic damage by not selling them power? Do I have this right?

    Not that it matters all that much. Arizona will just sell the power to someone else, and then L.A. will just buy the power from the supplier that the "someone elses" used to get it from. It all balances out. Further, in the energy markets, buyers and sellers will just swap supplies around such that L.A. will STILL probably get it's power from Arizona, if that still makes the most economic sense.

    Sounds serious, but energy is fungible, and if pursued probably, at worst, would have a greater impact on Arizona than L.A (new customer will probably give them a lower price). The person who wrote the letter either doesn't know how these things work, or is just bluffing. Regardless, its a pretty lame tactic, and not well thought out.

  • airboy

    One of the many things revealed by his letter is that Commissioner Gary Pierce doesn't understand electricity. Power transmission uses alternating current in which electrons simply oscillate back and forth but don't go anywhere. So his comment about "take those electrons off your hands" makes no sense, which is pretty sad for someone whose job is to supervise electric power production.

  • "White power" ?

  • HarborGuy


    So others canNOT have any "convictions", according to AZ and their loonie ilk?

    Man...what balls. I hope LA gives them a swift KICK, directly into said balls.