Rep. Weiner: Beck sponsor "Likely Violates Federal Law”


While Rep. Mark Souder is busy apologizing for his sins against God, Glenn Beck continues to shed phony tears, preach fear and hatred, and spread lies all while pocketing the big bucks with a little help from his sponsors. He apologizes to no one.

One of those few remaining sponsors is Goldline. Via Media Matters, back in December 2009:

In recent months, Glenn Beck has repeatedly used his television show to plug gold as a way for his audience to "protect" themselves from the possible economic collapse of the U.S. dollar and economy. At the same time, several precious metals investment firms have regularly advertised on his television show, and Beck is a "Paid Spokesman" for Goldline International, which has an "exclusive" sponsorship deal with his radio show and bills itself as "Glenn Beck's Choice for Gold."

Beck has no problem with his conscience, with offending any deity, or any mortal, for that matter. He continues to use fear tactics to scare his viewers into buying gold while profiting from their fear.

Now Rep. Anthony Weiner is on to him, and he's sending a very loud, very clear message to Goldline. This can't end well:

Media Matters has documented how Beck and other conservative pundits frequently “plug gold” as a hedge against supposed economic collapse, while simultaneously profiting from ads run by companies like Goldline that sell the metal. Now, Politico’s Ben Smith reports that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is “going after” Goldline and its right-wing pundit backers:

A Weiner aide forwards his [press] advisory, headed, “‘Goldline’ Rips Off Consumers, Profits Off Public Fears, Likely Violates Federal Law.”

“The company has formed an unholy alliance with conservative pundits to drive a false narrative and play off public fears in order to sell its products”, says the release.

Unholy, indeed. I have a sneaky feeling God will side with Weiner on this one. Hey, Beck and Co., you might want to start repenting.

For all you need to know about Beck's sponsors and how to take action, plus other Beck news, visit my Twitter pal at his site StopBeck.

  • frankfromtexas

    Lemme get this straight. When Al Gore stands to profit by selling eco-whack indulgences, oops, I mean carbon credits, it's "putting his money where his mouth is". But when Glen Beck personally invests in, and acts as a spokesman for gold, something is wrong?

  • MrDak

    For a 'host', your grammar is pretty weak. I hope your website is edited by someone with an education.

  • Yeah, we don't get visitors. None The stats and our own eyes are lying to us.

    It's a good thing you took time away from your conservative bubble to grace us with that comment and add hits to our abysmal numbers. If only anything you said here were at all accurate, we might actually take you seriously.

  • All this piece told me is that Glenn Beck plugs gold, tells people they should own gold, and is on the payroll of a gold company. No one on the LEFT has ever had those types of issues. No one on the LEFT has EVER used their position of power to make money for a company that they either have a stake in or their spouse does...No, that has never happened.

    Or has it?

    Your leftist websites make a fool out of yourself, and should be proud that a Conservative stops by every so often to give you a few minutes of time I could have used on more important working on my own website that actually gets visitors!

    Shawn D.
    Host of Conservative T & T on Blog Talk Radio

  • There's much more here than meets the eye. When I was in the investment business (been out for 7 yrs now), there was a huge, glaring hole that everyone - including SEC regulators that I knew - did everything to protect. It falls right along these lines.

    Take for example, Money Magazine. Every issue features on it's cover "The Top 5 Mutual Funds You MUST Have in Your Portfolio". These articles are allowed to say ANYTHING about these funds/or whatever the article was about, without any qualifications. When you're in the biz and know who many of the players are, you come to understand who's pushing these articles...the houses that are trying to sell the stocks/funds. There are virtually no articles written with any credibility. Go look at Penny Stock. You can actually do really well in penny stocks, but most people fail. Why? Because they fall prey to every article and advertisement about "sure bets"- the hottest penny stocks at the moment. Theres a thousand of them on the internet at any given time. These are actually people holding penny stock and making successful attempts at driving the prices up - on those that they own. But it's not an accurate reflection of the underlying value of the asset.
    As an investment advisor, whether a CFP or whatever alphabits you've earned, you are bound (cue roar of laughter here) to follow the law which comes with a bajillion disclaimers regarding the investment advice you are doling out. You literally cannot say that any given thing is a "sure thing". Not so those who are writing for these magazines...protected as journalists, of which, they.are.not. They are industry shills - Just like Beck. It's why fly-by-night (and not-so-f-b-n) investment houses hire famous and pseudo-famous people to hawk their funds. Lots have served in federal prison for the very thing that goes on right in front of everyone's noses...just like Beck is doing right now. So-called celebrities, "Paid Spokespersons" need to be held to some level of accountability. If they were, we wouldn't see so much damage done. Their voices do carry weight - usually among those least capable of discerning the truth.

    One of the reasons why I left the industry. I'll step off my box now and let someone else hold it down for a bit.