The Stupid Crap They Send In Chain Emails


Really, you have to wonder about the level of intelligence in the country these days. I love Fact Check.

Q: Does an illegal immigrant in Florida get $1,500 a month for each of her eight children?

A:  No. Illegal immigrants don’t qualify for welfare or food stamps. A chain e-mail from a "disabled Vietnam vet" is full of misinformation.

  • Clancy

    It's amazing how many of the rightwing emails I help my Dad respond to have this exact type of disinformation. There must be all kinds of idiots out there who think that all their taxes go directly into an envelop which is handed directly to an undocumented worker's official welcome package. Similar to this is the "fact" that undocumented workers NEVER pay income taxes or into Social Security, but for some reason are ALWAYS eligible for 100% of all government assistance, including Social Security (when more often than not, the complete opposite is true).