VIDEO: Republicans Hold "Oil and Gas Breakfast" Fundraiser Hours Before BP Hearings


Via Think Progress:

About an hour before the investigation began, however, House Republicans gathered a few blocks away for an “oil and gas breakfast” fundraiser with the oil and gas industry to benefit Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX). View a screenshot of the invitation from the Political Party Time blog below:

Dickless McHeartStent and his pals have always looked out for Halliburton, and of course, themselves and each other. Their secret meetings are still secret, Big Oil is still big, Cheney is still a.. Dick.

Now we have BP, Halliburton, and Transocean killing wildlife, sea life, plant life, the economy, and potentially, people life. They still drill. We still pay. They still own Congress members. Republicans are still meeting with them... in the midst of hearings.

It's all about the money. American health, and the health of the planet, are not their priority, profit is.

Why is there no law against illegal Corporate Americans?