VIDEO: Arizona deputy shot by alleged undocumented immigrant, officials say


By GottaLaff

Things are bound to get worse now. This is not a good sign:

A sheriff's deputy in central Arizona was shot Friday afternoon by an alleged illegal immigrant, authorities said. [...]

The Pinal County deputy, who was not immediately identified, contacted authorities after being wounded in the desert, saying he had been shot by an illegal immigrant with an AK-47, said Lt. Tammy Villar, a sheriff's spokeswoman. [...]

The shooting is sure to heat up the debate around the new Arizona law.

Watch the supporters of the Papers Please law use this as justification for racial profiling. Nobody is defending the bad guys, but even an event as horrible as this one does not provide an excuse to arrest someone for Breathing While Mexican.

  • WordSmith

    Not making light of the is the officer certain it was "an illegal immigrant with an AK-47?" Personally, if I were going to break into, say, Canada - I wouldn't be dragging along a weapon of any kind. The Bad Guys could've just as easily been an American making connections or some other scenario. AND...I'm hoping this isn't the idiocy of some misled 'supporter' of said law.

  • HarborGuy

    Good topic for that age old thingy....

    Don't most of the weapons (GUNS!) that are in Mexico and used
    in crimes, come from the good old USA?