Un-American: Special Comment by my 72-year-old friend


By GottaLaff

My impassioned 72-year-old Twitter pal, who goes by the name 42bkdodgr, would like to share his feelings about the Arizona "Papers Please" law and comparisons to Nazi Germany. I am more than happy to oblige.

But first, a personal note from 42bkdodgr:

Many of you may wonder why I chose to use the “ 72 year old friend” as the introduction to my Special Comments. I selected the moniker so readers could see that from my age and life experiences I give a different perspective to the issues of today.

Now for his Special Comment:


Chris Matthews in his segment “Let Me Finish” on April 28, spoke about the use of such words as Nazism and Hitlerism by liberals and conservatives when objecting to laws and policies adopted by the federal or state governments they believe to be un-American.

One of the examples Chris used was the recent law enacted by Arizona relating to illegal immigrants. Chris stated that there is a big difference between what Arizona is trying to do-- preventing people from entering America illegally-- and what Hitler did, killing people who were trying to flee Germany.

There is one basic item that is the same in both policies.

The Arizona police may stop anyone for reasonable suspicion who they believe may be in the country illegally. That is the same tactic used by the Gestapo in Germany, by asking people for their papers, with no reasonable cause, only to see if they had proper identification papers to be where they were.

German citizens had to carry their identification papers with them at all times, which is the same requirement under the Arizona law for its citizens.

There are two other examples I believe come under Nazi type tactics.

A GOP congressional candidate proposes installing microchips on illegal immigrants. Doing something like that, would be a modern day version of Hitler requiring patches to be worn on clothing to identify those Germans who were Jewish, Communists, homosexuals or political opponents.

Then we have Duncan Hunter Jr., who stated at a tea party rally in California, that children born in the United States whose parents came to this country illegally should be deported.

In the 1930s, Hitler passed laws that natural born Jewish Germans weren’t considered citizens of Nazi Germany, and among other things, couldn’t hold public office, be a judge, a doctor or teach in the public school system or universities.

The scary part is Duncan Hunter favors deporting natural born citizens of the United States, even though promoting such a policy is in direct violation of the Amendment XIV of the U.S. Constitution.

Conservative Republicans, like Duncan Hunter, love to say the Constitution is the law of the land and it should be obeyed, but they sure like to tear it apart when it gets in the way of their ideology.

While the policies enacted and those being advocated are in no way as evil as those used in Nazi Germany, I just feel the basic foundation of those policies are the same used in Germany.

Many thanks again for another thorough, relevant piece, 42bkdodgr. You often say what many of us are thinking and feeling, and we thank you for your unique perspective.

  • Blondetwit

    You're oh so correct Charlie.

    There are racists/white supremacists that have always existed, but we've been able to mostly keep them in the background. There are the jack-booted thugs who whip up a frenzy every now and again (we've had our run-ins here), and then there's the run-of-the-mill every-day folk who just have inappropriately non-mainstream values that include hating people who are not of European descent. These are the people who are really small minded and lacking *something*, I don't know what. Leave that to the people with a higher pay grade. Then, you have what I would refer to as the *real* reason immigration reform has been ignored, and instead has created an environment where illegal immigration has been encouraged and resulted in unchecked growth.

    We have immigration laws. We don't bother to use them...at all.

    Why? And how convenient for one faction to let the other faction carry the flag (so to speak) on the issue. Keeps the REAL culprits out of the fray completely! It's actually beautiful in it's simplicity, and funny in a really twisted sort of way. Again, the boys and girls with the money are using the dummies to do their dirty work.

    Laffy and Paddy: Would you mind the link to my last post on this subject? It's up to you guys: http://www.blondetwit.com :The Forces Behind Illegal Immigration.

  • Marnie

    Even the Nazi had to get started a few aberrations at a time.

  • Riley

    As William Faulkner said "The past is never dead. It's not even Past."

    Nazi's didn't start with ovens, and no I'm not saying that that is teabaggers/Republicans would go there but... but 42bkdodgr is right, a few things that should not be ignored -- Bush made it legal to wiretap Americans, pull people off the street and lock up (or ship out to Black OP's sites for torture) without notification of family members or Attorney representation, they even tried to make it "legal" to torture people... and they sure did. That was way, way back (a year or two ago)... and now look at what the right-wing is up too... In Arizona people have to carry identification papers or they can get hauled off to jail if they can't prove on the sidewalk that they are a citizen. ***Exactly what is next? And, for Chris Matthews to say "That both sides are calling each other Nazi's and should both stop" is equating all that the right-wing has been doing for 10 years to unravel the U.S. Constitution & dismiss the Geneva Conventions, etc., with the left wing having the nerve to overwhelmingly win all three legislative branches of Government, and god forbid elect a man who had a black father as President of the United States. The left didn't carry guns to anti-Bush rallies with ugly racist signs that are threat the Presidents life, threaten to take over the country by force or at least secede from our Union... some of this stuff is treason by definition & there is no comparison to Progressives trying to make changes through the courts (or have a talking head occasionally say something a bit harsh)... No comparison at all.
    Thanks 42bkdodgr and Laffy/TPC - you always get me thinking and all cranked up... on a pretty Saturday morning too!

  • Walt

    Thank you 42bkdodgr for your always thoughtful wisdom. I mistakenly got in a pissing match with a brainwashed right winger yesterday and am now just getting to read your comment. These weak souls (I don't know what else to call them other than stupid foolish dumbasses) will go down any road they are instructed to. They always yell in their defense in the name of the Constitution, in the name of America, in the name of freedom, etc. But you and I no better. It is in the name of fear and hate. And it stems from their media machine that controls them. I think 9/11 was the catalyst, a collective electroshock, on many ignorant Americans that propelled FOX News and the domination of right wing radio to collectively brainwash these weak souls. And now they reside in this bubble where they trust no one else except this authoritarian noise machine. And because of this they have accepted torture, bombing and killing of innocent people, even the ideal of using nukes, disregard of the Constitution, and even disregard of their own freedoms as morally acceptable. They would even turn against their own fellow Americans.

    Nazi Germany was the ultimate ayran nation and no doubt we have people in this country who would lead and follow in that direction. So it is up to the rest of us to do whatever it takes to break these people out of this evil bubble they are trapped in even if takes one person at a time.

  • john white

    Trying to fix a problem that has been known to exist for thirty years is always difficult, especially when the "problem" has been inflicted by a government on its own stupid population as a means of control and/or division. The race card, the language card, the tax codes, the "socil assistance" for illegals: Shit, they've got more cards to play against us than vegas has ever even dreamed of. Voters have been duped forever, and the powers in office now won't tolerate any loss of strength, at any cost. That means: it's too damned late now, if every one of the "elitists" were in crosshairs this second. All the animals are loose and cannot be found; don't repair the fence, sell it for a loaf of bread.

  • Luci

    During the American Holocaust (black slavery) blacks were required to carry their freedom papers if they were traveling. But, sometimes it did not matter as papers could be taken away from them and the blacks could be forced back into slavery.

  • PhillyBella

    These right wing racists need to watch out. This country will be majority Hispanic before too long. "And then they came for me"

  • PhillyBella

    As always, my Twitter friend 42bkdodgr echoes my thoughts, only more eloquently. As a Jew, as an American, this issue is very heartfelt for me. What is happening in Arizona is, to me, EXACTLY like what when on in 1930s-1940s Germany. I would love if all legal immigrants refused to carry papers, just like when the Nazis ordered the Jews of Denmark to wear the Jewish Star on their clothing and the King of Denmark appeared the next day with one on his chest and ordered all people of Denmark to do the same. Today, suspected illegals were rounded up and imprisoned. We cannot, WE MUST NOT, allow this to continue.


    Charlie, You've done it again: good post. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how these right wing people justify what they feel must be done to protect "our country" and taking away the rights of other people who do not look, think, or are of the same political thinking as they are. Constitution my ass--I'm not sure these people can even spell the word.
    See my newest post @jabberwockwords.blospot.com in the same vein as yours.

  • Jack M. Boardman

    Well said!