PhotOh! Completely Inappropiate Stained Glass


By GottaLaff

My Twitter pal LJSearles found this via davetube555, who, incidentally, lives in Northern Ireland. We're not sure if it's "real", but....

Holy mother of...

Good lord.

  • Manie

    Don't your think that all those Jesus icons with giant erections were intended to remind all women all rape victims of the reality of the subjugation that the victims were living under for the past 1000 or so years. Of the dominance of the church/government hiarchy, and of just how helpless they, as victims, were?
    If that was the case for the erections, other than the fun of creating them and the "joke" that the creators were getting away with, because nobody dared accuse them - then this window would just be another reminder to the victims of the power of the priesthood and the powerlessness of the victim.
    Can you imagine as a woman or a child comming to church in search of God and having to get hit in the face over and over for your whole life with these reminders what you have had to endure in your place of worship?

    It is unlikely the artest and artisans were naive enough to not notice.