Journalists Required to Donate to Anti-Choicers In Order To Cover Palin’s Speech


By GottaLaff

PayMe McBlabFest is making one of her screeches at a fundraiser for the "faith-based" anti-choice group Heroic Media. And the press must pay admission in order to cover the event.

And who exactly is it who is intruding into the lives of U.S. citizens again? Oh, that's right. The "lamestream media" aren't really citizens unless they show their papers, so they have no freedoms. Only PayMe and her clan have them:

[I]n order to cover Palin’s speech, the Austin-American Statesman reports that journalists will have to make a contribution to Heroic Media:

Restrictions: Heroic Media will try to prohibit video and audio recordings of Palin’s appearance, and news organizations wishing to cover her speech must buy a ticket, the proceeds of which will go to Heroic Media.

[...] Earlier this year, after conservatives criticized Palin’s $100,000+ fee to speak at the Tea Party convention, she said she would donate the proceeds to “the cause.” Perhaps that’s what she is trying to get the media to do as well.

I posted about another event to be held on May 12th at which McBlabFest is charging the press:

The high-priced tickets for the May 12th event are still quite plentiful. For the rest of this week, WIND is just giving the tickets away. From 4:00pm-5:00pm, those looking for tickets need only show up at a given Merlin shop each day this week. The first 25 listeners to stop by the Merlin locations each day will receive a free pair of tickets to see Sarah Palin speak in Rosemont and a $30.00 gift certificate to be used towards service at a Merlin 200,000 Mile Shop. [...]

In a related note, by request of Sarah Palin's people, no Chicago press or media members are being easily allowed into the event. Those media outlets who wish to be there, will have to buy the expensive tickets themselves.[

As you can see, at that event, they are giving seats away along with gift certificates. Maybe the media contributions, should there be any, will compensate for the losses. So much for "free press".

If you recall, PayMe also pre-screens questions. I'm beginning to think she has a few control issues.

Meantime, who exactly are these "Heroic" types?

Think Progress:

The group’s Internet strategy tries to direct Google users to an anti-choice website:

Heroic Media utilizes an online strategy to purchase top listings on search engines, such as google, so when teens “google” the word “abortion,”… “I think I’m pregnant,” … or “terminate pregnancy,” one of the top web sites they’ll see is our partner web site provides information about abortion, communicating with parents, adoption, cutting and more.

Oh, it gets worse. Follow the Think Progress link. And when you get there, they won't even charge you.

  • GottaLaff

    Good work Ace Reporter!

  • HarborGuy

    Laffy and Paddy...I'll toss this in can review it! That Brian Follett is creepy.

    Great report!

    However, ThinkProgress didn’t mention that the founder and President of Heroic Media is Brian Follett.

    Brian Follett is, as noted in public records, one of the major financial backers of the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”. He is mentioned with having donated $ 40,000 to the “Swift Boaters”, which places him at No. 19 in the individual “Donation High Score” of the Swift Boaters. However, other records indicate that his overall donations were actually higher and amounted to $ 47,500 in total.

    Therefore, it seems that the past rears its ugly head.

    See our extensive report on Palingates:

  • HarborGuy

    And just a reminder of the "event" in Eugene, Oregon last week.

    How did that go? Very carefully screened journalists...were put in a separte room with a video feed...they were NOT allowed any kind of recording devices (no phones?).

    "LIVE! From the Bunker! It's St. Sarah the Paranoid!"

  • HarborGuy

    wow...what a slime.

    Guess she's going from St. Sarah the Quitter to St. Sarah Payola.

  • Linzack

    Here's an idea. No press covers the event and there's no reports from the location. She can't exist without the press. Let's just see them not cover her for a while. She'll disappear like invisible ink. D.

  • Blondetwit

    LOL it must be the blonde hairs need trimming...they've wrapped themselves around the brain cells and are squeezing a might too tight! THX!

  • Blondetwit

    Which is the Think Progress link you referred to?
    Beside that....I said it on your earlier post....I wish I could attend the event with the "free" tickets. I would enjoy having a hidden cam there. Wouldn't you? Who needs the press? Let that recording slip out under the radar.

    Can you imagine McBlabfest's giggling when she heard this idea of making the press donate to this outfit? She's a real piece of work. And a real POS as that is.