Senate Democrats Crafting Democrat-Only Immigration Reform Plan


By GottaLaff

(Edgar Rios, left, and Marcos Gonzalez rally against the Arizona immigration bill before it was signed into law Friday.The Associated Press. Via)

Who do these Dems thing they are, leaders?

A trio of leading Democratic Senators on Wednesday began working on contingency plans for pushing a Democrat-only immigration reform bill if they are unable to convince Republicans to join the effort this year.

Why, one might mistake them for people with... spines:

An emerging immigration proposal by three Democratic senators calls for more federal enforcement agents and other border security-tightening benchmarks before illegal immigrants could become legal U.S. residents.

And who exactly are these spunky senators? Harry Reid of Nevada, Charles Schumer of New York, and Robert Menendez.

The benchmarks include additional Border Patrol officers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to combat smuggling; more ICE inspectors at work sites; an increased number of ICE officers assigned to detect fraudulent documents, and better ways to determine fakes; more personnel to check for contraband at ports of entry; additional resources to prosecute drug and human smugglers and illegal border crossers, and for deportations.

How could this possibly work? Targeting employers who hire undocumented workers? What? That's unheard of!

And there is nothing in there about racial profiling. They obviously didn't think this through.

Before the benchmarks are met, the Department of Homeland Security could begin registering, fingerprinting and screening illegal immigrants, and considering them for an interim legal status. That would allow them to work in the U.S. and travel outside it.

But... but... they didn't include anything about skin color or hair or shoes! This will never work. It's not nearly racist enough.

Oh, Rushpublics? Time to get the cots out. It's filibuster time.

  • Carol Dahlberg

    Well, it is already against the law for employers to hire undocumented immigrants. Doesn't stop them now, why would it stop them with a new law?