Sarah Palin Tea Patriot event tickets are not selling, even at 50% off


By GottaLaff

Do I sense just a touch of desperation in this here e-mail?

Because of our close partnership with WIND, members of the Chicago Tea Patriots have been offered a special ticket price of 50% off all remaining tickets.

In order to take advantage of this special ticket pricing, please go to or call 800-745-3000 and use the code word: WIND.

Additional information about "An Evening with Sarah Palin" can be found at

Buses will be chartered and leave from the Mt. Greenwood/Oak Lawn and Midway Airport areas. Please let me know, if you would like to take the bus.

And if you do attend, make sure you stop by and say hi to the Chicago Tea Patriots, who will be teaming up with Adam Andrzjewski of Open the Books and David Smith of the Illinois Family Institute -- a trio of conservatives.

Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

I'm real excited and look forward to seeing you.

God bless,

Catherina Wojtowicz,
Chicago Tea Patriots

The event I RSVP'ed to, to get on the e-mail list can be found [here] at:!/event.php?eid=121079247907868
WIND Radio - home to Glenn Beck - is hosting Governor Sarah Palin Wednesday, May 12th, 7 p.m., at the Rosemont Theatre.

Tickets and info can be found at

The Chicago Tea Patriots will have buses to take those interested to the Rosemont Theatre. Please contact me for details. Buses will collect passengers in the Mt. Greenwood/Oak Lawn and Midway Airport areas.

The Chicago Tea Patriots, along with Adam Andrzejewski and the Illinois Family Institute, will be sponsoring a table at the event, so please stop by to say hi! Chicago Tea Patriot tee shirts will be on sale at the event, too!

This is going to a great evening for conservatives to spend together celebrate the approaching elections!

If you would like to reserve a seat on the bus, please let me know.

Catherina Wojtowicz,
Chicago Tea Patriots

I toddled on over to the Facebook page, and look what I found:

For any other information, you need to phone me. Send me a note or call me, and if I feel comfortable with you, I will give you further details on the bus and other issues.

Otherwsise, you are on your own. Sorry but, I've received too many hate calls.


Well, at least with tickets going for a big 50% discount, there was an uptick in sales, right? Who could not afford an opportunity to listen to the wisdom of Half-Gov McHalf-Off?

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Oops. Never mind.

Oh, and just by the way, per my source, Catherina Wojtowicz, is the same lady who led the tea baggers in harassing Midge Hough at the Dan Lipinksi town hall.