VIDEO: Swastikas smeared in beans found on Arizona state Capitol grounds


By GottaLaff

Vandalism like this isn't the answer, but it does provide a glimpse at what's in store when people-- and that's what they are, people-- feel persecuted, terrified, and pushed to the limit:

This country has a history of being driven by fear, anger, and hate, most recently, via BushCo's attempt to scare us into submission with their obsession with a war on a word (terrorism). Muslims became the enemy, even though only a fraction deserved the label "terrorist".

Now we have an African American in the White House. As a result, we also have hate-mongers and racists who are so terrified that their majority white comfort zone is being pulled out from under them that they attack anyone who is "different".

Dangerous armed militias are becoming more and more prevalent. Who will protect us from those nutcases? Pfft, it's much easier to target immigrants, make them the scapegoats. They don't "belong". They're "different". They must prove that they are American.

Now the "different" are starting to retaliate.

How about targeting illegal employers? How about writing constructive immigration laws that make sense rather than demanding birth certificates from anyone who strikes law enforcement as "illegal"?

Let's try to remember that we live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, not the land of the harassed and the home of the cowardly. Let's remember that E pluribus unum ("Out of many, one"), was once considered our de facto motto... not, "Where are your papers?"

  • GottaLaff

    Oh, and I never claimed it was under the new law. That doesn't go into effect for at least 90 days. But yes, he did have to show b.c.: Actually, he was forced to show it. Video:

  • Robert Reilly

    I didn't see the sidebar.....that's why I posted "his/her". I have read the story you're referring to; he was not forced to show his birth certificate. He did not have the proper documentation to show he was legally allowed to operate a commercial vehicle in Arizona. He was detained under federal statutes, not the new law, which hasn't even taken effect. As for me not being "too bright", I'm sure my kids would agree with you. Have a nice week.

  • Robert

    What a strange article.....where does the new law state that you have to prove you're an American? Where in the law does it state that you have to provide a copy of your birth Certificate? Gottalaff should have his/her picture pasted in the dictionary next to the entry for hyperbole.

  • zengrouch


    That zinger really nailed me to the freakin' wall!

    You da' Man!

    I mean that was so intelligent, I had to think about it for a while after it zinged over my head the first couple times I read it.

    I bow down in the presence of your comedic genius!

    Thanks again dude!

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Yes, the ignorant are so easily amused, and compared to them, just about everyone is an Einstein.

  • zengrouch


    I get a boner whenever some idiot makes a claim, then tells me to look it up myself, when I question their statement.

    Yeah, I got all the time in the world to get on out there and prove a negative!

    Thanks again,

    ...darn good laugh!

  • zengrouch

    Why do you bother posting when you have absolutely nothing to say?

  • zengrouch

    Well, I guess you're pretty good at personal attacks, and I can't say that I blame you, when you're cornered and shooting blanks...

    Face it, you refuse to deal in specifics.

    You make vague claims regarding my lies and logic, yet for some reason, you can't seem to point at any of my worst offenses.

    You can't seem to go back and find my words, cut 'n paste 'em...

    ...and *I'M* illiterate!

    Then you seem to have some kind of comprehension skills, causing me to repeat simple questions, as illustrated by the fact that you refuse to acknowledge these questions with anything other than personal attacks and name calling.

    ...anyway, thanks for the laughs Einstein!

    Oh, and just in case you were wondering, *yes* it does show!

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Just reread my comments. All the proof is there. But first, take a remedial reading course to take care of your illiteracy problem.

  • zengrouch

    Why is it you aren't able to give examples when you talk about things that have been proven?

    Are you talking about how you made a claim of a handcuffing and someone being thrown in jail and how I showed that to be false? No arrest, no jail.

    How about the smoke 'n mirrors, to take attention away from the discussion of the new law in Arizona, where you gave a link to an article, which stated that the incident had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SUBJECT AT HAND.

    Or is that quibbling on my part. You know, taking your statements, then showing exactly why they are not based in fact?

    Specifics dude, you can't deal with 'em.

    Talk about fucked up logic!

    You won't admit to illegal immigration being even partially responsible for the problems I've listed.

    But then you, for whatever reason, bring up this Mr. 1% who is responsible for our ills, and has written a script that I'm acting out.

    THEN you state that the immigration problem will vanish in a poof of smoke, once we simply extricate the evil forces at the top 1% of our food chain.

    If there is no problem, how can you give a solution to one?

    Tell me how this logic isn't fucked...

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Better go sleep it off. Perhaps when you are sober tomorrow you just might understand what is obvious to most everyone else.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Propaganda parrot, it's not my fault you are illiterate and lack basic comprehension skills to understand what others have written, among your other faults I previously posted.

  • zengrouch

    Quibbling? I'm sorry, I'm so stoopid you got to explain that one to me?

    Is that what you call it when you fight facts with things that are the opposite of facts?

    And "discredited argument" what exactly is it you're talking about, or are you unable to deal with specifics?

    You're really big into just dealing with the "vibe" of things, without really getting too deep into the meat, right?

  • Kevin Schmidt

    '"Halt! Show us your papers!"

    The bad news about all this is the sanctification of the above phrase which made the Nazis famous was passed by the Arizona state legislature, signed by the governor with the blessings of most every white cracker in the state. All knowing full well what they did was the centerpiece of Nazism and what it wrought upon the world. And don't care.

    No papers on you or someone in your car? Doesn't matter if you are a citizen or not, handcuffed and off to jail you go. And if any person in the car is found to have no papers at all, kiss your car and your liberty goodbye. All on the GOOD FAITH and WELL MEANING of local yokel police forces. Of course we know how fair and full of goodness Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is! Hey TeaTards, you wanna put a Hitler mustache on someone, there's the one person in this country who deserves it most.

    We also find out today that the central reason for passing this crap was white people hating to pay the cost in social services for less than white people, so they made it against the law for illegal immigrants to APPLY FOR A JOB! Wow, now there is some White People logic!

    Thankfully the good news is flowing in fast and furious.

    The law is expected to be struck down as unconstitutional very very soon.

    Republicans are coming out of the weeds to say this may be "ill advised".

    Senator Mitch McConnell is out on the stump with the GOP talking point NO IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL BEFORE NOVEMBER!

    The Republican Party sees this as alienating not only ALL Hispanic voters, but also getting the once unstoppable Obama movement off their lazy asses back up and running, and the base nastiness of it could also move the majority of Independents back to the Democrats. A lose, lose, lose proposition for the GOP. Here! Hear! Here!

    And even more to the point, unless the Teatards of the Tea Party movement do not stand up with their signs of Liberty and Freedom to decry this wholesale denial of Liberty and Freedom, then Bill Maher will be proved right for his closing comment last Friday Night:

    "You (Tea Baggers) are a bunch of racist sore losers." Bill Maher New Rules

    Let us quickly go over they 5 worst instances of government intrusion upon Freedom and Liberty.

    1) Capital Punishment. The government taking a citizen's life. Government doesn't get any BIGGER than that.

    2) Incarceration. With the government denying Liberty and Freedom with such draconian issues as Three strikes you are out, mandatory sentencing, 5 to 10 years for trace amounts of drugs and reducing PROBABLE CAUSE of the 4th Amendment to read GOOD FAITH OF THE POLICE. Good faith of the police... PLEEAASSEEE... It is estimated that there are half a million instances per year of police committing felony perjury. Mostly on 4th Amendment issues.

    3) Denying Freedom of movement by giving police the right to demand papers from anyone at anytime for any reason and if not forth coming, jail them. A thousand times more like the Germans than anything Barack Obama has done.

    4) Denying women the Freedom and Liberty to choose to terminate a pregnancy.

    5) Confiscation of property without due process.

    All of which the white people of Arizona and the TeaTards of America have little issue with. All this screeching and carrying on about Freedom and Liberty only concerns their back pockets, and their color.'

  • zengrouch

    OK, maybe you're delusional and believe what you're saying.

    You've called me a liar who uses flawed logic.

    Ask yourself why it is you can't seem to present any examples of my lies or fucked up logic?

    How difficult can that be? I mean unless these lies only exist in your skull.

    This would also account for your "reluctance" to answer specific questions, giving me a peek at what's bouncing off what in your head.

    Wasn't it you who suggested that I'm too dumb to cut 'n paste? If so, I'm guessing you do have that valuable knowledge, and can cut 'n paste some fantastic examples of my lies and twisted logic.

  • zengrouch

    "The immigration problem will solve itself once we solve the plutocratic fascism problem."...


    You refuse to admit that there is a problem with immigration when I question you directly, yet you proclaim, once we eat the rich, this non-existent problem will go away?

    Your logic is flawed, I mean FUBAR like flawed...

    OK, one more message in a bottle...

    How do you suggest we "eliminate" the evil 1%? ...and why haven't they killed you in your sleep yet?

  • zengrouch

    You really don't know nearly as much as you think you do.

    I AM trying to understand the logic behind the outrage, and you refuse to answer some direct and simple questions that would have helped me to understand your mindset.

    You call me xenophobic, then once again spew paranoid delusions of the 1%, that has my brain washed.

    Yet you aren't quite bright enough to differentiate the act of handcuffing and throwing them in jail, from the act of detaining someone while verifying their status, based on a story from a dubious source.

    You also seem to have a problem in that you're comparing apples and oranges, when it comes to FEDERAL officials enforcing laws that are currently in place all across this country, and new laws on a state level, to be enforced by a whole different kind of animal, when it comes to the enforcement agencies.

    You remind me of a delusional homeless guy ranting about the end of the world, come at the hand of the "Man" Mr. 1%! and his henchmen the cops who enforce our laws and are scrutinized like no other professionals.

    Right, I'm xenophobic! When it is you who is suffering from phobias, to the point where you're afraid of explaining what is behind your thinking, for fear of exposing your flawed logic, based on the boogieman.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Again you deny what was already proven and post more lies. I'm through debating a dishonest propaganda parrot who lacks critical thinking abilities.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    What are you, retarded? Do you not know the definition of quibbling?

    Do you think repeating an already discredited argument is going to somehow change the outcome?

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Please stop lying. You showed me nothing. You explained nothing. All you did was dishonestly assert your wrong headed opinions as facts and try to refute indisputable facts illogically by calling them "misrepresentation".

    Now that's desperation, both sophomoric and moronic!

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Again you resort to illogical BS.

    You refuse to recognize the real problem, which is not immigrants, but the upper 1% plutocracy and their multinational corporations who don't make anything in American any more. That makes them alien corporations who control our federal government. Why are you not outraged over that???

    That is the problem that first needs to be addressed. So stop splitting hairs over the scapegoated immigrants.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Now you are repeating yourself. You have nothing left but propaganda parroting and xenophobic scapegoating.

    The system has been degraded, not by immigrants, but by the upper 1% plutocratic fascists and their job stealing Free Trade Treaties, leveraged buyouts and tax deductible outsourcing.

    End NAFTA and Mexicans won't have to come to the US in search of jobs that pay decent wages. The immigration problem will solve itself once we solve the plutocratic fascism problem.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    No Grouchy, you are not trying to understand the outrage. You are trying to promote the xenophobic propaganda.

    Let's first deal with the upper 1% plutocracy and their alien multinational corporations who thwarted democracy, destroyed our economy, destroyed the middle class, destroyed Iraq, destroying Afghanistan, and are systematically destroying our Constitution.

    The damage they cause is far greater than what millions of scapegoated immigrants could possibly cause.

  • zengrouch

    "Blame the powers that be. Stop trying to scapegoat innocent people for the crimes of the upper 1% plutocracy."...

    Are you saying the illegals who are flooding our schools, hospitals, jails and highways are totally innocent and are in no way responsible for the degradation of these institutions and that the problem isn't illegal activity and overcrowding, but "the man" who has hoodwinked ignorant fools such as I?

    If this *is* what you are saying, how many more illegals do you believe can be pumped directly into our system, before, it actually is their population that is, in part, responsible for our schools and infrastructure, going down the toilet?

    Surely we can't absorb an infinite number, before it is their presence that one can point to, as being a part of the problem.

    I'm not saying the illegals alone, who are responsible for all of our woes. It's just my opinion that our system can't support an unregulated migration, into our borders, before the system is degraded for people who are here LEGALLY.

  • zengrouch

    Well, if the law is unconstitutional, I imagine the powers that be will be lining up to shoot that illegal bastard down. We'll see.

    The fact is, I've shown the story that has caused outrage with the condition in Arizona, has NOTHING to do with the new law we're debating here.

    Anyway, now that the merry-go-round's calliope is steamin' and the smoke 'n mirrors are coming out, regarding me living in blissful ignorance, not knowing what I'm giving up and how I'm blind to the fact that the powers that be, are manipulating my ignorant ass, I'll stop repeating myself... well, except for this question I presented to you earlier...

    I don't know if you missed it, or if you're avoiding it, but I really am trying to understand your fear, of what might be...

    "I'm curious, how would you have local, state and federal law enforcement officials deal with illegals and potent illegals?

    Do you believe we should have open borders allowing anyone who wants to live here and take advantage of our system, just walk right in?

    I'm not trying to be flip, just trying to understand the outrage and fear of what might be."

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Our schools and hospitals, as well as most institutions, including Main Street, are in financial difficulty, not because of undocumented immigrants, but because we are spending over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS on our immoral, imperialist, genocidal war machine, and have given obscene amounts of tax breaks to the upper class.

    Blame the powers that be. Stop trying to scapegoat innocent people for the crimes of the upper 1% plutocracy.

  • zengrouch

    "Actually, you are blaming the "undocumented" aliens. They're not "illegal" until convicted in a court of law. Innocent until proven guilty, remember?"...

    So, you think being detained for investigation by ICE is the exact same thing as being thrown in jail, as you stated elsewhere...

    ...yet, you want to split hairs over calling someone who is here illegally, an *illegal* before the justice system, that you seem to detest, labels them as "guilty"?

    If you're illegal you're illegal. That's pretty cut and dry, as to whether or not you arrived here illegally and reside here illegally.

    Once again, I wonder if you're willfully ignorant, if it just comes naturally, or if you just can't admit to being wrong, even when you know you are.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    What facts have you presented? You comment above contains an illogical strawman argument, again, to justify taking away our constitutional rights.

    The constitution is very clear. So sad to see you would rather give up your rights for the illusion of security.



    Hey ICE, got another illegal Kanook for you...

    Guten tag!

  • zengrouch

    "Being "held by ICE" has the exact same effect as being held in jail. The end result is finding oneself incarcerated behind bars."...

    I'm trying to figure out if you're just really stubborn, or not that bright, when it comes to separating fact from fiction.

    Being held and investigated by ICE is not the same thing as being arrested by local authorities.

    Federal law enforcement, isn't the same thing as local or state law enforcement.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Actually, you are blaming the "undocumented" aliens. They're not "illegal" until convicted in a court of law. Innocent until proven guilty, remember?

    The real blame for why America is becoming a third world country can be placed at the feet of the upper 1% plutocracy, who own the multinational corporations, who outsourced our jobs and so aren't really U.S. corporations but are instead alien corporations.

    But those alien corporations hire K Street lobbyists to thwart democracy by paying legalized bribe money to our representatives in Congress to pass laws that are primarily beneficial to the upper 1% plutocracy.

    So alien corporations are now controlling our federal government. This is a bloodless coup by the upper 1%, and it is treason. Yet you want enforcement against immigrants because you believe the fascist MSM propaganda, which makes them out to be scapegoats.

    This is why the middle class is systematically being looted by the powers that be. There are too many people like you lacking the ability of critical thinking, and thus are easily led to the slaughter, again.

  • ZenGrouch

    "Your intentional misrepresentations are sophomoric and moronic."...

    I clearly explained why your statements were not based on fact, and why the story that I was ignorant of, has nothing to do with the law we're debating. It even stated as much in the article you so kindly linked.

    You call me moronic, yet, even after I explained it, you keep saying the gentleman ICE investigated, was arrested, as though this will make some kind of imaginary link to the rather one sided story, given by an unknown "victim" of de' man, and the new law in Arizona.

  • ZenGrouch

    "But the agents might just as well have been local police or highway patrol"...

    But they weren't, they were FEDERAL agents whose job it is, to focus on those who are potential illegals. I'm sure their "standard procedures" on suspected illegals are NOT the same as the "standard procedures" the Arizona officials will use. Once the standard procedures are defined.

    I'm curious, how would you have local, state and federal law enforcement officials deal with illegals and potent illegals?

    Do you believe we should have open borders allowing anyone who wants to live here and take advantage of our system, just walk right in?

    I'm not trying to be flip, just trying to understand the outrage.

  • zengrouch

    I'm desperately trying to understand the outrage...

    If 80 some percent of illegals are Hispanic I really don't see the problem with allowing the cops to determine whether or not someone who quacks like a duck, is indeed an illegal duck, especially in a state that is one of the main ports of entry for millions of those coming here ILLEGALLY.

    If Arizona is anything like Southern California there are enough non-English speakers, driving without licenses and insurance, who don't stick around when they cause accidents, or causing other crimes, the cops won't have to harass second generation Hispanics who bothered to learn how to speak English.

    As it is now, our jails are up to the rafters with illegals, and there isn't the manpower to check their status after they serve their sentences and are released into the wilds of LA, to repeat their illegal activities.

    I'd rather give cops powers they could very well abuse, rather than put a leash on 'em, giving way too many rights to those who are here, pissing on our laws.

    Now as far as laughable desperation goes, I think it's those who have an unfounded fear of what *might* happen, after having their noses rubbed into facts that blow their initial assertions out of the water.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    'The ICE agents said this was all just standard procedure.

    But the agents might just as well have been local police or highway patrol, who are now required by the controversial law Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed Friday to follow the same “standard procedure” and question individuals about their immigration status during routine stops. '




    Of course, this is just another polarizing wedge issue diversion, designed to misdirect our eyes while the powers that be continue to rob us blind.

  • Kevin Schmidt


    Maybe you should take your own advice and find something that backs up your assertions a bit.

    Notice I didn't say better?

    You are offering a strawman argument in attempt to invalidate a relevant fact. The posting of the link was in response to your idiotic rant about library cards.

    Any more BS you want shot down before returning to your rabbit hole?

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Your desperation is laughable!

    Here's what this page is all about: Arizona is about to be protested, boycotted and censured by the majority of Americans because of the state's unconstitutional heavy handed, racial profiling and pogrom against people of color.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Please stop quibbling over an acceptable colloquialism. The meaning is the same, and you know it. Or are you deluded about this fact as well?

    Being "held by ICE" has the exact same effect as being held in jail. The end result is finding oneself incarcerated behind bars.

    Any other illogical nonsense you want shot down before you return to your rabbit hole?

    Your illogical behavior has discredited several times already. How much more humiliation can you endure?

  • Kevin Schmidt

    So besides not keeping up with current events before commenting on them ignorantly, not knowing how to google, not knowing how to apologize for having made untruthful and uncivil accusations, now you don't know "the law as it is written and passed", and you want me to educate you on that as well?

    Misrepresentation? If the man would have had an original copy of his birth certificate, he would not have been arrested. This fact is indisputable by all but the deluded. Please return to your rabbit hole. Your intentional misrepresentations are sophomoric and moronic.

  • zengrouch

    OK, I think I've made it clear that I'd like to see something done about the millions of illegal immigrants in our country.

    Look, we can't support everyone who wants to jump the border, ahead of those who are stupid enough to try to come here legally.

    Our hospitals are closing down at an alarming rate, because they can't afford to put their emergency rooms out there as primary care for the undocumented kid with the sniffles.

    Our schools are the shits in California, thanks in great part to overcrowding. We can't afford to educate anyone who shows up, especially when we have to bend over backwards spending more time on the non-English speaking students, at the cost of kids who are English speaking citizens.

    OK, all that said...

    If I was born on the wrong side of that border to our south, connecting us with that crime infested, shit hole called Mexico, I'd be spending every waking hour learning English, and figuring out how to get my hands on an illegal S.S. card and California driver's license, and drag my ass across that border and across the desert, at all costs.

    So, no I don't blame the illegals, I blame our system that's suppose to protect our borders, and enforce the laws that are already in place. But nooooo, everyone's too chicken shit afraid of the Hispanic voting block. Well that's just fucking great! Because if they'd bother to look, the Hispanics who are here legally probably aren't too keen on the illegal, line jumpers, fucking up their gig.

  • zengrouch

    42... are you *now* saying, that the earlier claims made, and backed up by supposed "facts" I'm too dumb to find on my own, are... well, not really proof of anything, and those earlier claims are, well, bullshit as related to the new law, but, Ohhh, you 'betchya the shit is gonna hit the fan, when someone actually does something about the problem of illegal aliens in our country?

    How about we just open the borders, fuck the laws, hold hands and sing Kumbaya?

  • zengrouch

    "I also want to say that a required showing of your library card when voluntarily checking out a book does not equate with not knowing when you will be stopped and forced to show three forms of ID, including a state issued picture ID and an original copy of your birth certificate"...

    I don't mind people arguing against the law, but it's this type of misrepresentation that's like nails on the chalkboard...

    Are you at all familiar with the law as it was written and passed?

  • 42bkdodgr

    If you don't think what happened to the truck driver won't happen under the Arizona law, you are in denial.

  • zengrouch

    42... no offense, but you should go back and read the article you linked.

    The guy who didn't bother to give his full name, whose story wasn't investigated, was not arrested.

    He was detained by ICE, probably for good reason. Heaven forbid, they start checking into the people driving dangerous commercial vehicles on our highways.

    OK, ICE, that's not local or state, it's a FEDERAL enforcement agency, that works, right freakin' now, in every state of the country.

    If this is your example of Arizona being a police state, maybe you should try finding something that backs up your assertion a bit better.

  • zengrouch

    Oh yeah...

    #4 The guy wasn't thrown in Jail as you stated, he was held by ICE.

    Maybe you should read the articles you link.

  • zengrouch

    Kevin... just a suggestion, but *before* you get your frillies all in a wad, you might want to double check to make sure you know what you're talking about.

    #1 The article you linked was pretty much a one sided story from a guy who didn't even give his last name. No fact checking by the reporter/author.

    #2 The article states that this incident had nothing to do with the law that we're debating.

    #3 This had nothing to do with the local or state police, it was an ICE issue. They can investigate as they see fit. Once again, nothing to do with the new law, we're talking about, OK?

    Yeah, I know, it's a fucking Nazi Jackboot State we're living in, when the authorities look into whose driving fucking commercial trucks on our highways.

    Fake SS cards are pretty easy to come by.

  • Kevin Schmidt


    I also want to say that a required showing of your library card when voluntarily checking out a book does not equate with not knowing when you will be stopped and forced to show three forms of ID, including a state issued picture ID and an original copy of your birth certificate, or risk going to jail, simply for going out in public.

    Now that's harassment AND humiliation, not to mention unconstitutional!

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Grouchy, you apparently lack googling skills and/or are extremely lazy. Either way, you must be inside your imagination, again.

    Crawl out of your rabbit hole someday and get "outside of your imagination" and find out what "actually transpired in reality" before falsely accusing others and making an azz out of yourself, again.

    Or click my name since you probably lack cut and paste skills too.

    This is the part where I should ask for an apology, but you probably lack the skills to take responsibility for your own actions as well.

  • 42bkdodgr
    zengrouch, there is the URL you requested.
    The Arizona law will effect every American passing through the state. Why shy I, who lives in another state be required to have proof of citizenship.
    This law will also effect Greyhound bus drivers passing through the state if they are stopped and one of the passengers is an illegal immigrant. Driver can be arrested.
    Arizona has become a police state.

  • zengrouch

    Kevin... did this really happen? I mean outside of your head?

    An English speaking American presented their driver's license and SS number, but was thrown in jail because he didn't have a copy of his Birth Certificate?

    If this did happen outside of your imagination, that person should get themselves a good lawyer and sue the shit out of the arresting officer and agency, since as I understand the new law, which isn't even being enforced yet, a valid driver's license is sufficient I.D.

    Got any links to back up this story, I mean if it actually transpired in reality...

  • Kevin Schmidt

    It can be pretty damn humiliating when a U.S. born Arizona citizen shows his drivers license and gives his Social Security number at a commercial truck weigh station, but then is handcuffed and thrown in jail because he doesn't have an original copy of his Birth Certificate.

    How much more unconstitutional can a brown shirted police state get???


    Don't panic. We are here to protect you. But if you run, we will shoot.

  • HarborGuy

    For anyone interested in either NOT buying from companies HQ'd in Arizona or at least writing and asking the companies their position on the recent passed bill...

    An interesting list on Wikipedia.

  • Clancy

    Isn't it somewhat ironic (is that the right word?) that in addition to "Where are your papers?", our freedom-loving, civil and human rights-protecting nation is also infamous for another stock Nazi phrase (perhaps if only in the movies, but still): "We have ways of making you talk."