VIDEO- McCain on AZ racial profiling bill: I Don’t Know ‘Whether All Of It Is Legal Or Not’


By GottaLaff

Remember this?

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) "has endorsed a tough Arizona anti-immigration bill that will let police arrest people who aren't carrying identification, the latest move in McCain's rightward shift in advance of a tough Republican Senate primary this summer," Politico reports.

Not Maverick Any More is supporting a racial profiling bill that he's not even sure is legal (at about :22):

So let's recap: First he's a maverick, then he isn't. Then he shifts on immigration. Now he's not sure he supports "all the details" of the legislation he advocates. He's just for "the thrust" of the bill.

All while not answering a direct question with a direct answer.

Flanked by police officers at a town hall, McCain rejected fears that the bill will lead to racial profiling. [...]

Unlike her father, McCain's daughter, Meghan, has a clear position on the law. In her Daily Beast column, the younger McCain writes, "I do not support the bill that was signed by Governor Jan Brewer. I believe it gives the state police a license to discriminate, and also, in many ways, violates the civil rights of Arizona residents. Simply put, I think it is a bad law that is missing the bigger picture of what is really going on with illegal immigration."

Meghan can teach her father a thing or two about a thing or two. Now there's someone who could probably beat J.D. Hayworth.

By the way, Daddy McCain called the law a “good tool” for law enforcement. He can relate. He's a good tool for right wing extremists.

  • Nathan

    I do not care either. If it keeps my family safer then before, I am for it. I have to carry around my drivers licence, why should they not have to carry around information? McCain has been fighting for immigration reform and was promised by Obama it would be priority. This has yet to be reality and we are struggling with illegals and drugs in Arizona. This state needed to send a strong message to illegal immigrants and to the feds as well, we are tired of status quo. McCain requested troops, where are they? Obama has ignored the plea for troops. Arizona cannot keep on going at this same pace. We need troops, we need security, we need the feds to look at McCain's 10 point immigration plan, it will work! It is a shame that in attempts at supporting the law at hand, we must hear ignorant comments about this issue. The majority of Arizona residents are for this law, we are tired of status quo! Thank you McCain!

  • T1theinfamous

    Why is Meghan McCain so much smarter on the issues than her father who is supposed to be smart on the issues

  • HarborGuy

    "McCain on AZ racial profiling bill: I Don’t Know ‘Whether All Of It Is Legal Or Not’ "

    He should have just added as well...."And I / We don't care!"

    Fixed that for you Grampy.