VIDEO: Joe Biden compliments Sarah Palin, talks "F-Bomb" slip on "The View"


By GottaLaff

Vice President Biden, discussing Barbie McLipSchmutz:

"She is a charming person. It's hard not to like her."

Not for many of us, Joe, but it's hard not to like you:

And here he is commenting on the (in)famous "F- Bomb" slip to Obama over the health care bill.:

Now had he dropped the F-Bomb while debating Barbie...

  • Juno

    Got to love this guy. The intellect, the smile, the righteously placed F-bombs, mimicking the high road with regard to Sarah Putrid...when we know that he is basking in the glow of beating the FA-SHIZZLE out of those two ridiculously unworthy opponents in the last election. Lol!

  • Huda

    I like him, he suits the role of Obama's VP.