Rahm Emanuel Predicts Big Battle Over Supreme Court Pick


Bring it on. Fracking R's have a knuckle buster coming to them. Via Taegan-

The other news from White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel's fascinating interview with Charlie Rose last night -- other than he wants to be Chicago's mayor -- was his prediction that there will be a big battle over President Obama's upcoming Supreme Court nomination.

Said Emanuel: "I think that there'll be a huge, huge battle... I think the President will obviously appoint a person that he thinks is appropriate and right for the Supreme Court, as he laid out the kind of criteria in the Justice Stevens model. I think if people took a fresh look at that, I don't think it has to be that type of battle. But we may be at a system and a time in which we have that type of battle."

First Read is a bit skeptical noting "we haven't had a real SCOTUS battle since Clarence Thomas in 1991, and the current vacancy is swapping one liberal (John Paul Stevens) for probably another liberal (whomever Obama picks)."