Not Safe For Work: PhotOh! Chicago Republican website is hottt!


By GottaLaff

Correction (title edited to reflect): The site belongs to an individual who labels it Chicago GOP, but is apparently not affiliated with GOP. Thank you HeidiEKMassey. My information was wrong. is an unnofficial site for Republicans.

I've always admired the Rushpublic party for standing up for Family Values, labeling themselves the Family Values Party, being so Family Values pure of heart, condemning others for their prurient ways, raising their eyebrows at the mere mention of the Sex Word, shaking their fists angrily at extra curricular activities like extra marital affairs, visits to Voyeur-istic venues, revealing photos...

Why, I feel safer and more protected just knowing they are always looking out for the children and the more prim and proper among us. They'd never expose, say, readers to anything that comes close to racy. Certainly not a woman's bare boobuses!

Oh. Wait:

H/t: Misha44_