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By GottaLaff

UPDATE: June 16, 2014: Paul Krugman challenges prevailing media narrative-- Argues President Obama is having a very good year -- "He was supposed to save the budget, not the planet, and somehow he was supposed to bring Republicans along."

UPDATE: September 4, 2012: You’re Damn Right We’re Better off; hundreds (yes hundreds) of reasons listed


UPDATE: April 20, 2012: President Obama’s Top 50 First Term Accomplishments

UPDATE, March 9, 2012: This list was posted so long ago, so it's time for an update. Here are President Obama's Top 50 accomplishments, via The Washington Monthly.

Do we agree with everything he does or says? No. But he has accomplished more in three years than most presidents have during their entire terms.


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UPDATE: 92. May 1, 2011- Killed Osama bin Laden.

My Twitter pal d_klein3 sent me this (unconfirmed) list of President Obama's accomplishments that she tells me comes from Robert P. Watson, Ph.D. Coordinator of American Studies Lynn University.

I hope it's accurate, so please feel free to correct any errors. I thought it was a good time to give him the kudos he deserves after the slug fests he's been through over the past year:

1. Ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to cut spending
2. Ordered a review of all federal operations to identify and cut wasteful spending and practices
3. Instituted enforcement for equal pay for women
4. Beginning the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
5. Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB
6 Ended media blackout on war casualties; reporting full information
7. Ended media blackout on covering the return of fallen soldiers to Dover AFB; the media is now permitted to do so pending adherence to respectful rules and approval of fallen soldier’s family
8. The White House and federal government are respecting the Freedom of Information Act
9. Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible
10. Limits on lobbyist’s access to the White House
11. Limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration
12. Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date
13. Phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems, which weren’t even used or needed in Iraq/Afghanistan
14. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research
15. Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research
16. New federal funding for science and research labs
17. States are permitted to enact federal fuel efficiency standards above federal standards
18. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
19. Funds for high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
20. New funds for school construction
21 The prison at Guantanamo Bay is being phased out
22. US Auto industry rescue plan
23. Housing rescue plan
24. $789 billion economic stimulus plan
25. The public can meet with federal housing insurers to refinance (the new plan can be completed in one day) a mortgage if they are having trouble paying
26. US financial and banking rescue plan
27. The secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and elsewhere are being closed
28. Ended the previous policy; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with theGeneva Convention standards
29. Better body armor is now being provided to our troops
30. The missile defense program is being cut by $1.4 billion in 2010
31. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation talks and building back up the nuclear inspection infrastructure/protocols
32. Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic
33. Reengaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions
34. Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any president in his first six months in office
35. Successful release of US captain held bySomali pirates; authorized the SEALS to do their job
36. US Navy increasing patrols off Somali coast
37. Attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles
38. Cash for clunkers program offers vouchers to trade in fuel inefficient, polluting old cars for new cars; stimulated auto sales
39. Announced plans to purchase fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government
40. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
41. Signed national service legislation; expandednational youth service program
42. Instituted a new policy on Cuba, allowing Cuban families to return home to visit loved ones
43. Ended the previous policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions
44. Expanding vaccination programs
45. Immediate and efficient response to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters
46. Closed offshore tax safe havens
47. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to permit US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals
48. Ended the previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back
49.. Ended the previous practice of protecting credit card companies; in place of it are new consumer protections from credit card industry’s predatory practices
50. Energy producing plants must begin preparing to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources
51. Lower drug costs for seniors
52. Ended the previous practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug manufacturers for cheaper drugs; the federal government is now realizing hundreds of millions in savings
53. Increasing pay and benefits for military personnel
54. Improved housing for military personnel
55. Initiating a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses
56. Improved conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other military hospitals
57 Increasing student loans
58. Increasing opportunities in AmeriCorps program
59. Sent envoys to Middle East and other parts of the world that had been neglected for years; reengaging in multilateral and bilateral talks and diplomacy
60. Established a new cyber security office
61. Beginning the process of reforming and restructuring the military 20 years after the Cold War to a more modern fighting force; this includes new procurement policies, increasing size of military, new technology and cyber units and operations, etc.
62. Ended previous policy of awarding no-bid defense contracts
63. Ordered a review of hurricane and natural disaster preparedness
64. Established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making federal operations more efficient
65. Students struggling to make college loan payments can have their loans refinanced
66. Improving benefits for veterans
67. Many more press conferences and town halls and much more media access than previous administration
68. Instituted a new focus on mortgage fraud
69. The FDA is now regulating tobacco
70. Ended previous policy of cutting the FDA and circumventing FDA rules
71. Ended previous practice of having White House aides rewrite scientific and environmental rules, regulations, and reports
72. Authorized discussions with North Korea and private mission by Pres. Bill Clinton to secure the release of two Americans held in prisons
73. Authorized discussions with Myanmar and mission by Sen. Jim Web to secure the release of an American held captive
74. Making more loans available to small businesses
75. Established independent commission to make recommendations on slowing the costs of Medicare
76. Appointment of first Latina to the Supreme Court
77. Authorized construction/opening of additional health centers to care for veterans
78. Limited salaries of senior White House aides; cut to $100,000
79. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
80. Changed the failing/status quo military command in Afghanistan
81. Deployed additional troops to Afghanistan
82. New Afghan War policy that limits aerial bombing and prioritizes aid, development of infrastructure, diplomacy, and good government practices by Afghans
83. Announced the long-term development of a national energy grid with renewable sources and cleaner, efficient energy production
84. Returned money authorized for refurbishment of White House offices and private living quarters
85. Paid for redecoration of White House living quarters out of his own pocket
86. Held first Seder in White House
87. Attempting to reform the nation’s healthcare system which is the most expensive in the world yet leaves almost 50 million without health insurance and millions more under insured
88. Has put the ball in play for comprehensive immigration reform
89. Has announced his intention to push for energy reform
90. Has announced his intention to push for education reform

Oh, and he built a swing set for the girls outside the Oval Office.

Did I mention he passed health care reform?

There are policies that many of us disagree with or wish he would improve or facilitate more quickly, but come on, this is a pretty sweet list.

Added: This list was posted in 2010, and has not been updated very often. Thank you for your corrections and additions in Comments. As is stated in our Guidelines, slurs, baiting, and other trollisms will be deleted.

UPDATE, via a reader:

91. The Matthew Shepard Act, officially the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, is an Act of Congress, passed on October 22, 2009

  • I think the Birther issue - begin on Day 1 of the Obama administration - has heavy racist undertones (you surely won't see the same backlash of Romney listing the United States as a "foreign country" on his tax returns, while Republicans would bathe in that if it were a Democrat.) Also it doesn't help that you keep capitalizing the word WHITE. If the Republican part is mostly WHITE people who don't like that a black man is in the WHITE house and love policies that exclusively empower WHITE people and Romney has disenfranchised non WHITE people from his WHITE campaign, you can't make the argument that race has absolutely nothing to do with this.

  • Um, Mel, that's our list. ; )

    Did you see the link back to us at that site? "Hat-tip: Political Carnival".

  •  @4c131813874e5ddb573576701ffc02fe:disqus And that Mac  Were you alive when Reagan took office?  If so, you must live in an alternate World ( Yes I know to 20 month thing is straight out of the Right wing propaganda  about Reagan the destroyer... and is a lie ).  I was not only there, but almost lost my job over campaigning for the idiot, I believed what he had to say ( I now know never believe a modern day Republican ).  Doubled the National debt ( any gains he made were at the expense of our Grand children and great Grandchildren  .. an there weren't many unless you count only the increases in the wealth of the rich  ).  Raised taxes 11 times after cutting taxes on the rich, but most of the new taxes in various forms were on the lower end.  OOPS  Most crooked admin  maybe in history with over 200 leaving the admin in shame, 138 ( by one count higher ) indicted for various crimes.. many convicted.  Of course Bush Sr pardoned most of them,.. even the more heinous ones, and droped the actions on the rest.  Sold weapons and poison gas in the mid East and used the funds to support a regime that murdered women and chidren ( and a bunch of Catholic people including a Bishop or Cardinal ( I forget which .. but it is on the net ) in South America.  At one point unemployment was at about 11%. In Union county South of me, when the Reagan evil 6 changed the way the Unemployment figures were calculated to make his disaster look less bad, their figures went from over 11% to 7.  something overnight without a job being created.  And thse are just highlights of the mess he made.

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  • annetx

    the housing bailouts did nothing but provide money for obama supporters - only a very small fraction of people who were in trouble were helped and the process is a total nightmare - I know - I watched a loved one go thru it and she was not helped

  • Forgetitnoway

    I do wish that people would stop insinuating that those that are not pro Obama are somehow "White" and therefore it is an issue of race.  I get disgusted when I read that it somehow has to do with race.  It was
    a majority of WHITE people that put Mr. Obama into the WHITE House and
    it is a majority of WHITE people that continue to support his efforts. 
    Stop making this into a race is is a political issue
    and denigrating comments are always made, regardless of race, and
    especially during election periods...cut the BS - please... 

  • Forgetitnoway

    I get disgusted when I read that it somehow has to do with race.  It was a majority of WHITE people that put Mr. Obama into the WHITE House and it is a majority of WHITE people that continue to support his efforts.  Stop making this into a race is is a political issue and denigrating comments are always made, regardless of race, and especially during election periods...cut the BS - please...

  •  No, I'd like the wars to be over, but it's a good idea to remember who, and why, they started. At least President Obama is making an effort.

  • Dan Condie

    You've really got Cash For Clunkers as an accomplishment? It's quite accepted by intelligent people everywhere that all that did was temporarily artificially bump car sales only to have them crash down again as the people who took advantage of Cash For Clunkers were going to buy a car in the next several months anyway. All they did was push up their purchase date, leaving a void that was exposed  once the program ended. That was HORRIBLE policy and everybody (well, at least we thought everybody) knows it.

  •  As for that "liberal media" you speak of, you might try doing your homework. You've been proved wrong. Scroll through:

    Especially this:

    As for making govt "bigger", wrong again, J:

    As for playing golf and that Bin Laden thing:

    Now go take your GOP talking points and play with them somewhere else.

  • I guess you missed this at the very top of the post:

    *"UPDATE, March 9, 2012*: This list was posted so long ago, so it’s time for an update. Here are *President Obama’s Top 50 accomplishments, via The Washington Monthly.*
    My Twitter pal d_klein3 sent me this (unconfirmed) list of President Obama’s accomplishments that she tells me comes from Robert P. Watson, Ph.D. Coordinator of American Studies Lynn University."

    I guess you also missed the "unconfirmed" and the date of the post (2010).
    I guess you also let it slip right by you that the commander in chief makes the decisions, as Pres. O has, prior to giving those orders. When he had Osama bin Laden killed, he was challenged, but he went ahead and accomplished what GW Bush abandoned and even made light of. Same goes for the pirates, he chose a course of action and it was successful.

    If you don't like him, don't vote for him. But to make up your own facts or belittle what he actually accomplished only makes you look weak, not the president.

    And this is coming from someone who disagrees with him often.

  • Jckmlvny

    What a bunch of BS. "Has put the ball in play" has "announced his intention". Guess you learned how to pad your resume after college. These accomplishments, by half at least, could be argued against as spending money we don't have and making government bigger. The others are no brainers - Somali pirates captured a ship captain, hmmm, ok, if you recommend the Seals General then, lets do it. Somebody write me a speech if it goes well, otherwise make sure the liberal media covers for me if it doesn't, I'm going to go play golf now.

  • Evan Lafferty

     I don't think that pointing fingers at a Dem and crying "taking away religious freedom" is very honest. Look at the Reps trying to force their religious dogma into law. How is that NOT "taking away religious freedom" from people outside the cult of personality?

  • Defenestrator

    Gitmo is being phased out, huh? Veeerrrry, very gradually, I suppose.  A lot of folks thought he was anti-war, and he isn't.  The republicans are certainly worse and they certainly don't often offer substantive, factually accurate, rational critiques of Obama's policies.  I'm going to vote 3rd party next time around.  Both parties are sellouts and warmongers.

  •  We don't have to blame Bush for unemployment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does that for us:

    A huge part of the debt is due to Obama adding the cost of wars into the mix, something Bush avoided because he knew he'd get reactions like yours.

    Credit rating loss: Get your facts straight there, Joseph. The GOP obstruction caused that, and it was widely published.

    As for religious freedoms, again, get your facts straight. That's a Fox talking point that you are parroting. Meantime, the GOP candidates are doing what they can to shove their own religions into women's bodies without permission. Some "small govt" huh?

    Now go bait somewhere else. We don't do that here. Read our guidelines.

    Thank you.

  • Blame Bush....I guess it never gets old.  3 years in and the Liberals are still banging this drum.  what a joke.  How about tossing another 5 Trillion on the Debt, 8%+ Unemployment,  losing our Credit Rating and taking away religious freedoms?  Guess they didn't make the list.

  • Judy

    Me Too !

  • Anonymous

    I guess you didn't graduate from Harvard Law School magna cum laude (perhaps, based on your own literary skills, you may not even know what that is?), as the first elected black President of  the prestigious Harvard Review (student body voting was 90% white).  And I guess you didn't receive your under graduate degree from Columbia University, NYC, with an "A" for your final thesis - - on the history of US-Russian nuclear relations...or had your professors and peers from both Columbia & Harvard describe in newspaper & TV interviews how they knew back then that "Barry" would go on to do something significant with his life.

    Guess you didn't work as a poor community organizer for three years "to give back", when you could have immediately gone right to a high-paying job in a prestigious law firm....which Obama eventually did,  as a civil rights lawyer?

    Guess you didn't lecture on Constitutional Law at Chicago University, then serve as an Illinois State senator for 7 yrs, helping pass the first ethics reform bill in 25 years in your very first year?.

    Guess you weren't then elected to US Senate, where during 109th & 110th Congress between 2005-2007 you sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills (15 of which became LAW), and serve for three years before being elected President of the United States? Guess 16 bill  Amendments YOU wrote weren't adopted into law by the Senate? Guess your legislative achievements as US Senator weren't ALL substantive,  addressing some of the most pressing issues affecting America today...on serious topics like foreign policy, public health, government transparency, veterans issues, education, national security, energy & climate change, civil rights, health care...NOT naming post offices?

    Guess you didn't personally write two New York Times best-selling books, "Dreams of My  Father" in1995, regarded as one of the best books written by an eventual president, and "The Audacity of Hope" in 2006...which netted him $5.5 million royalties in 2009 and still sells like crazy today. Obama is the #1 best-selling president-author AND he writes his own books, unlike President Bush, for example.

    Guess in 2009 you didn't receive a Nobel Peace Prize then turn around and donate ALL the $1,400,000 prize money to 10 charities  who "do extraordinary work in the U.S. and abroad
    helping students, veterans and countless others in need"? Like $250,000 to Fisher House, where families of military personnel
    wounded in war stay and $200,000 to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund that helps victims of
    the January earthquake.

    Guess in 2010 you didn't take a charming letter you'd written to your two daughters just before your inauguration as POTUS and turn it into a New York Times best-selling children's book,
    "Of Thee I Sing", featuring the stories of 13 Americans and highlighting their unique contributions to US history....then donate all proceeds to a charity benefiting the children of slain and disabled US Iraq/Afghan veterans?

    No, I guess you didn't achieve a single one of  Barack Obama's considerable achievements I had time to list above (excluding his achievements as POTUS)..... If you had, if you were just a fraction of the man he is, you would have more grace and intelligence & wouldn't write such a dumb, ignorant comment about who he is.

    Who he is, what he's done with his life, and for others, is the basis for calling him a man of "intellect & integrity".  We base our respect for Barack Obama on actual provable FACTS, not empty rhetoric.

  • Anonymous

    Every day, I give thanks that Obama is our president.

    Things may be tough right now,  Republicans have glued up the system & are doing everything possible to sabotage the economy and bring Obama down...but imagine what 4 more years of a Republican in the WH might have done to the country. Obama has worked so hard to clean up Bush's mess and achieved SO MUCH.

    In Obama we have a man of intellect & integrity.  He makes me proud to be American.

  • Littleriver69

    Keep smoking the crack!!  Its fools like you that keep this country in trouble.  $20 to a doughnut you're on welfare.

  • Lol! Great post!

  • : )

  • BlkSultry007

    Girrrrrrrrrrrrl, you summed it up really well and spanked ~~~~~>RebuildtheUSA like he stole America...............hahahahahahaha
    I'm sooooooooooo LOL.  BTW love ur SN  *smiling*

  • BlkSultry007

    Girrrrl, u summed it up perfectly and you spanked him~~~>  (RebuildtheUSA) really good .have I'm sooooooooooo LOL...........Love the SN btw  *smiles*

  • Rebuild:

    That is laughable. Just really hilarious. Indeed, he has written (not "he has never wrote", btw. Apparently you DO write your own comments) his own speeches, and every political figure uses teleprompters or similar aids for speeches. Taking time from presidential duties to memorize a half hour speech is a ludicrous notion, and changes are made to speeches up to the last minute. He does not, however, use a prompter to answer questions at press conferences, where he's equally eloquent and quick. George Bush and Sarah Palin on the other hand....

    Not really well educated "untill" he got to college.... oy. How do you think he got INto college? Have you been to college? If so, you must have cheated on the English entrance exams.

    Hasn't done a good thing since he took office? If I had time to update this list, you'd see even more good things that he's done. Instead, just read the papers.

    Reality is a very good thing, try it some time.

  • RebuildtheUSA

    Nothing he says is his, he has never wrote one of his speeches, and can't memorize them, he has ALWAYS given them from a teleprompter. He's not very well educated untill he got to college, and is horrible at his job. He hasn't done one good thing since he has been in office. 

  • You don't quite understand "spam" yet or you wouldn't have tweeted that nasty comment just now.

    Spam is not only unwanted comments, which yours aren't, yours are fine. It's also when someone comments too often, over and over. In your case, I got notification after notification, all from you, within a very short amount of time.

    And your comments, in only some cases, were baiting ones. I let most stay in, but then lost patience.

  • Aranette

    My apologies.  I did educate myself on the definition of spam, and I don't think my commenting on different responses constituted spamming, but this is your site and I will comply.

    All comments were very informative, by the way.

  • It has nothing to do with whether or not you agree with a thread, btw. I've let most of your comments remain. You are posting multiples, one after the other. That needs to stop. That's spamming.

  • Aranette

    This is due to this being the first time I've seen this site.  Would it be better if I stop posting to the threads I agree or disagree with and limit my responses to one a day?

  • Aranette, you're spamming this thread. Warning. I'll start deleting. You're here to bait, to belittle, and you've been posting non stop for several minutes now.

  • Aranette

    govern or attempt to dictate??  Lines get a little blurry there....

  • Aranette

    sue...hate to rain on your parade...but they aren't all coming home.  As I type this, my husband is on his way back to Afghanistan.  Yes, they are leaving Iraq, but no they aren't leaving the middle east.  Relocation...relocation....relocation.  And if Obama was a "President of Peace" as you so claim, why were we involved in conflicts in?  Why are we using drones for taking out terrorists? 

  • Aranette

    And there you have it folks....validating the facts.  Thank you for posting factual information on this list.....makes his accomplishments a bit more (or less) credible.

  • Aranette

    What more can you expect from a career organizer?  I think him organizing good intentions was exactly what he is qualified to do.

  • Aranette? Only two Dems voted against it, and they're conservaDems. EVERY Republican voted against it.

    This is the second time in five minutes I've had to correct you. You might try doing some homework before making statements like these.

  • Aranette

    Way to go!  You just validated Gabriellefaithl20....

  • Aranette

    apparently all the jobs are in the JOBS bill that President Obama is pushing...and his Democratic Senate won't even approve.....keep trying..

  • Aranette

    and unfortunately...someone who can't be civil and simply say "tea party" loses credibility.

  • No, you're wrong.   But, how do you expect to learn anything when you let foxscrews do the brainwashing?

  • Yeah, bush and cheney did bring the Nation to it's knees with their Trillion $$$ debt and then along came Obama and is actually doing something about it instead of pouring money into Iraq's infrastructure.  At least he was doing a lot of good things until the obstructionists came into Congress.

  • Another perfect example of a brainwashed idiot.  Get your head outta ass you poor thing.

  • Gabriellefaithl20

    Calling some names because they have a different opinion than you? Wow u must be the stupid one. We all know Barack Obama hasn't done jack shit for this country. He will be a short term president that'll be gone after 4 years and no one will remember.

  • Mymichele62

    It is modern day mythology that our country is broke. If you believe that, you probably also believe that republican politicians give two craps if you have a job.

  • Tgoode

    Reagan was smart and flexible with his policies, unlike any Republican or Tea Partier today.  Reagan is probably turning over in his grave at the crazyness of the Republican party as it is today.  And Freddie and Fannie weren't the cause of the housing collapse, but only a small part of the overall problem.  The increased use of unregulated, disfuntional, and unethical banking practices including the use of "credit default swaps" and derivatives by the largest lenders, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and backing by AIG let to the houseing bubble bursting. 

    Democrats and Republicans should have been more vigilent in regulating the risky loans.  But at least Obama and Democrats want to make sure that proper regulations are in place to prevent this happening again - Republicans are against all regulations - even those that protect our economy and the safety of our citizens.   

  • Tgoode

    sorry, you are mistaken.  2 wars, one which was unnecessary and for which the American people were lied to in order to get their support - tax cuts which 95% went to benefit the top 1% of Americans, deregulation, Medicare Part D, etc.  These are the policies that have brought America to its knees and made our standing in the world the lowest its ever been.  If we did away with all of Bush's policies - like the Bush Tax cuts and Medicare part D (and negotiate our drug prices for seniors) - our deficit would be taken care of by itself without any other action by congress except to keep spending at it current levels.  And the difference between the spending that Obama is doing and what Bush did is simple.  Obama's was temporary to jump start and failing economy, and Bush's will add Trillions to the deficit until they are expired.

  • Tgoode

    so true!

  • Tgoode

    A lot of people wanted health-care reform and many even wanted single-payer.  Only those who believe corporate health-care propoganda or were uninformed didn't want reform.  When reforms kick in - and some already have - it will be a great benefit for the whole country - even those who didn't want it at the time. 

  • Lifeismotiongroup

    I can't believe someone would echo something that came out of palin's mouth   LOL!!!

  • So you agree with the war in Yemen and Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan then? How very neocon of you.

  • Sorry, you're a brainwashed idiot.   People like you are the reason the country got into such bad shape.  The gopricks got in all right and almost destroyed our credit rating.  assholes.

  • Your credibility sucks.

  • No, you're very much mistaken.  You should really learn history before you spouting off about which you obviously don't know much.

    Bush ran up the debt in the trillions..bombing Iraq, killing innocents, thousands of US soldiers killed..because bush and co lied.   2 wars and medicare plan D program without Paying For Them..get it? Raised the debt ceiling 7 times.  Lay off the limbaugh..he's a damn liar. 

  • Lilonekell

    You say that, but look at the works of previous presidents. What exactly did George Bush do for  this economy. Not a damn thing

  • Karenj

    Thanks for the much needed laugh!!

  • Danielle

    I voted for Obama and as I am happy with some of his accomplishments, intent does not mean accomplishment.

  • Anonymous

    My question as always to any Republicon , what has the republicon party put forth or passed in the form of significant legistlation to help improve the lives of everyday Americans,Not the rich or too big too fail corporations,just your average citizenry???
    Let's say in the last ten years??? anything???

    Now look learn and see how it's done, Obama Knows How to govern...

  • Ahmed Mirza

    President Obama is the most qualified person for his job then any other individual in view.  He has brought dignity & respect back to the presidency of the US.  The international community respects & appreciates him.  The republicans are only for the rich.  Bush ruined our economy by ignoring what was going on in the country, he busy starting wars based on lies.  The Clinton's left a surplus of cash & bush took the country down nose first.  The millionaires & billionaires should be paying a lot more taxes then what they pay now.  Taxes on cigarettes & alcohol should be raised a lot more because they eventually because they eventually cost the public more. Oil companies should not be subsidized any any way by the US.  Laws need to be a lot stricter for repeat offenders, the death penalty needs to be enforced a lot quicker (because of DNA proof), we are supporting too many of them on death row for there crimes - why?    Thanks for this forum...

  • Mac

    Were you alive when Reagan took office?  Under the Carter Administration, we were stuck in a state of stagflation (high inflation and low GDP growth).  Reagan's policies broke the back of inflation, and spurred 20 years of unprecedented economic growth.

    The Great Recession of 08' was brought on by the housing crisis.  The housing crisis was brought on by the huge and unchecked expansion of Freddie and Fannie.  The Democratic Congress gave these Gov't Sponsored Corps a blank check.  When the cards came tumbling down, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dowd, and Barney Frank blamed Bush.

  • Sean

    He promised to put America Back to Work but unemployment remains at over 9%.
    He promised to cut the deficit but it has grown exponentially during his presidency.
    He promised to close Gitmo but its still open.
    He promised to be out of Iraq but we are still there.
    He promised to lower gas prices but their now at record levels.
    He promised to televise the Healthcare debates on C-Span but ramroded it through Congress.
    He promised bipartisan cooperation but the parties are more divided than ever
    He promised to clean up the environment but waited months to address the BP Oil Spill.
    He promised to straighten out the mortgage mess but foreclosures remain at all time highs.

    The list goes on...

    Blaming the past administration for all the problems facing this country is getting "long in the tooth".  He needs to take responsibility.  He inherited a bad situation and is making it worse...

  • Imagesbyalfred

    Bush give Obama a 11 trillion deficit and two un-paid wars. Gave the rich more tax breaks and wanted to privitise social security. Thank  God the Decider is out of office.

  • There are tech glitches. We're trying to figure that out. Thank you!

  • There are tech glitches. We're trying to figure that out. Thank you!

  • Sue

    I miss your link on the OBlog.  I clicked it everydat

  • Blah

    learn to spell. your credibility is crap.

  • Flyingspider

    lets not forget America supported all these decisions...

    Really? We were lied to. We were not allowed to look for the truth or be branded as Un-American! Those members of the Bush Administration fought to keep evidence out of the public view. Tax cut's for everyone over 250,000 - left us with no fall back. Corporations own Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the Executive Branch and they (politicians) have been using special exemptions and rate cuts to strong arm more money for themselves. Fear, they have none, arrogance and greed they have in abundance.

  • Simonesheffield

    i agree. Obama is the best thing to happen to America in a very long time. It took bush and the gop 8 years to destroy the US and the rest of the world with their lies, bad policies and their 'ALL ME' mentality.

    Obama has been in office for less than 2.5 years and is working his ass-off to keep this country afloat.

    All the haters and fools (sarah(the idiot), the donald (a liar, bankrupt individual personally and professionally), bachman (WTF???), etc).....If all these losers would support Obama just even a little bit would help the ENTIRE country not just the top 1%......

    I support Obama and will continue to support Obama....he deserves 4 more years !

  • Andy

    Hands down, the worst President ever. Wouldn"t make it as an assistant manager at McDonalds.

  • Mia

    Wrong president...that would be George Bush!

  • Xrayjohn

    IKE in the 50's instigated operation Wetback. He sent the illegals back across the border. They had come here illegally during WW ll and when the troops came home, alot of the jobs were being done by the illegals, so Ike and congress sent them back home. That was in the good old
    days, before political correctness. Back in the good days of America that I grew up in and served my country in. Back when the communists, (China) and socialists (Russia) were the enemy of a free America. Now the Dems. think it's a compliment to be called a socialist, or a communist, or a progressive.
    This impostor we have now, even before being elected and afterward, apologized to other nations for the arrogance of America. And while doing this, neglected to visit American graves where real American heroes died, spilling their blood to free these nations.
    In the real America, those actions would be interpreted as degrading and treason.
    This non leader we have is a sham and a liar. And to think he is proud of the fact that his claim to fame prior to elected office is he was a Community Organizer.
    He and Carter's actual accomplishment would not make up a small paragraph.

  • Xrayjohn

    IKE in the 50's instigated operation Wetback. He sent the illegals back across the border. They had come here illegally during WW ll and when the troops came home, alot of the jobs were being done by the illegals, so Ike and congress sent them back home. That was in the good old
    days, before political correctness. Back in the good days of America that I grew up in and served my country in. Back when the communists, (China) and socialists (Russia) were the enemy of a free America. Now the Dems. think it's a compliment to be called a socialist, or a communist, or a progressive.
    This impostor we have now, even before being elected and afterward, apologized to other nations for the arrogance of America. And while doing this, neglected to visit American graves where real American heroes died, spilling their blood to free these nations.
    In the real America, those actions would be interpreted as degrading and treason.
    This non leader we have is a sham and a liar. And to think he is proud of the fact that his claim to fame prior to elected office is he was a Community Organizer.
    He and Carter's actual accomplishment would not make up a small paragraph.

  • Judy

    President Obama has done more the the country in 2 1/2 years then the Bush regime did in 8 years, oh! except for the recession which began during Bush's administration.

  • Tasha


  • Foxjm04

    No president in history has ever not thought about peace and worked toward it dearly. The war is still happenning and the US would certainly not attack and cripple our own country.

  • Foxjm04

    True, but they are still not accomplishments and therefore should not be on the list.

  • Foxjm04

    Your comment is sheerly opinion based. That is the problem with politics. If you have anything to say, have some facts to back it up.

  • Foxjm04

    Then name 50 cons...

  • Foxjm04

    I would rather think of this list as a list of orders and authorizations. Therefore, this is not a list of actual accomplishments. I'm not saying Obama has bad intentions or is lazy, but he certainly is not up to par for fulfilling the job a U.S. President should. Also, most of the items on the list that actually did accomplish something does not benefit the issue of economic disaster in the U.S. but focuses on world issues rather than domestic problems.

  • I agree. I didn't make the list, so I can't edit, but I wish #21 would apply.

  • Recklessmother

    Great work ! ....also Nobel Peace Prize!

    however you might want to relook @ # 21

    Thanks for the specifics on all his accomplishments!

  • A2388907

    However, what other president has ever been in the position of President Bush....Answer no one has. If put in the same situation, I would have to say that everyone would have done the same thing and lets not forget America supported all these decisions. Bush didn't do this all alone.. the government you all elected helped in this depression, democrats and republicans together. Bush just happened to be the president at the time....and Obama has only increased our debt. Most of the accomplishments on this page are money spenders, when our education system is almost failing. Along with the Health bill over half of Americans did not want it passed, yet President Obama didn't listen. A government should listen and be afraid of its people. A government is a tool for the people not the other way around. All we can do is pray that God helps our nations and pray that Obama does start making some good choices to help our country..because in the end if he fails we all fail.

  • joey

    screw you dick head

  • joey

    screw you dick head

  • joey

    screw you dick head

  • Edward Lazarus

    If you are going to blame Obama for trying to save the Gulf Region---you must have truly cheered Bush during Katrina! And as for your 8% raise? C'mon. Let's try some truth. Obama HAS NOT raised your taxes! You are posting on a site where the people actually READ!

  • Edward Lazarus

    And Obama's educational accomplishments are nothing? Are you actually suggesting that Bush is comparable to obama in intellect? Character? Honesty? Fairness? Caring?
    If Bush had any decent attribute at all----it was Laura! The so-called "Bush Library" will be a monument to sheer stupidity! As for how many "dumb" people make it thru Harvard ? I don't know---but Bush is high on the list. Kinda like McCain....who graduated at 5th from the BOTTOM of his class. Imagine. A McCain victory would have meant one simple minded president right after another---PLUS---that malignancy commonly called Sarah!

  • Edward Lazarus

    To say Obama is a failure is simply the ranting of either a madman or a Fox viewer---or both!
    Let's discuss Presidential accomplishments.
    I will ask ONE question. Give me a response that can be verified....and I'll admit you have something going for you.
    Go back to the END of the Eisenhower administration...and consider ALL republican administrations.

    The question: Name THREE major legislative accomplishments enacted and signed into law that
    A)...was written to benefit working and middle class citizens....signed without threat of veto by a REPUBLICAN president and B)---DID NOT contain "special perks for the wealthiest among us.
    OKAY! I'll admit it may seem like a trick name one!

    (The last I can recall was Ike's signing into law the Interstate Highway System.)

    And if you want me
    to do the same with DEMOCRATIC presidents in that same 1/2 century....

    I'll name 10 or more.
    I'll patiently await your response! Meanwhile
    ----I'll step away to ask JOHN BOEHNER a question: "Where the hell are all the jobs, bigshot?

  • Cowboyskip

    All by himself! Imagine that!!

  • Cowboyskip

    Your so white..I mean right! Republicans will fix everything!! Hallelujah!

  • EndRepublicanHypocrisy

    In response to the previous administration, yes, he's had to spend. Follow a Bush into the white house and there's so much house cleaning.

  • Mrmojorisin25226

    I love number 53 increased student loans but yet on 65 he allows students to have the ability to refinance their student loans.

  • Mrmojorisin25226

    He did not increase military pay it was already in play from the Bush era and obama now wants to cut the military pay raise in half at the begining of the year.

  • Hoops

    Bush went to Harvard business school. How many dumb people make it through there?

  • Ryan

    then went on to spend spend spend spend...basic life principles, if you do not have money then do not spend money.

  • Ryan

    are you retarded?

  • Yooooooo Com

    obama rocks!

  • Lol Com


  • Msvipfreedom

    Why would you have to defend Obama if he was doing a good job it would speak for him. But, we can see very clearly. You will know them by there fruits. Read between the lines. He is a failure.
    He is not up to the job. He is a cancer that need to be cut out. The Rep are in the house now. You can relax.

  • Msvipfreedom

    Sorry, You are mistaken. Obama has but us in this crap hole. Not Bush or Reagan. I would give anything to go back to the days of Reagan. Bush had to deal with the Clinton break down of our country. Put the blame where it belongs. It has taken Obama 20 months to brake America. Now thank God with the Rep. In the House we have a fight chance. Get back on track in 2012

  • slip101

    Why wouldn't he take credit for something Bush did that was right, he gets blamed for the myriad of mistakes made by the Bush and the republicans.

  • UsMaRiNe

    "increasing pay and benefits for the military" Do your research, the bush administration never gave me a raise less than 3%, Now that Obama is in office all of a sudden we are struggling to get a mere 1.4%? Really, that sounds like an accomplishment to me, downsize the military forces, shut down bases, decommission entire carrier fleets AND cut there pay? Congratulations, you just effectively demoralized your entire military all at once, And for all of your information, sure Obama may have said he is pulling troops out of Iraq, but he is sending them directly back to Afghanistan to try to do the exact same thing that failed over there. he took them out of a relatively safe area compared to Afghanistan and put them into a place where the surge of uprisings and attacks on US and coalition troops has greatly increased. Real smart America... Real smart...

  • SadAmerican

    I saw this list posted elsewhere with a list of Bush's "accomplishments" (read "failures"). Thank you, Billfulton, for posting the sources to refute these points. As a former military dependent, the military will provide for families to be at Dover or other locations. According to one source (please do your own research), the facilities for families were recently renovated. I can remember how our service personnel were treated in the past by the media and others. The families of fallen service members deserve peace and respect in recognition of their sacrifice, not being hounded by the media or protestors wanting to use it for some political gain.

  • Alex305mata

    The dems. already had republican support once. The mess left during the "Bush" era was due to a weak republican president with no real fiscal conservative principles caving to a majority liberal democrat congress. Housing market collapse due to liberal regulations for home loans. Auto company bailouts needed because of UNIONS. A democratic demoralization of the war effort that more than likely emboldened our enemies possibly lengthening and even losing the war. And I am sure if I take time to remember or research I will find many more.

  • Mindy Smith23

    boo for oil and you must be above mid-class. wah wah

  • Billfulton

    3. “Instituted enforcement for equal pay for women”
    - No salary should be legislatively handed to you based on race, religion, gender, age, etc… that’s what’s known as discrimination. Current studies suggest that after factoring in experience, education, hours worked, maternity leave, career field choice, and the perceived bias towards men… the main factor contributing to lower salaries for women is that women are not comfortable negotiating a higher salary, they expect to be paid less… whereas men feel that they are valuable and deserve generally higher than what is initially offered. Bottom line, if you want to make more, demand more. If you’re willing to take the initial offer, why would the company just offer you more?

    4. “Beginning the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq”
    - The timetable and implementation of withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq was agreed upon by President Bush with the signing of the Status of Forces Agreement on Nov. 16, 2008. The current President did however, take credit after he assumed office.

    5. “Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB”
    - I can’t find any evidence of this on the internet except for several websites copying and pasting the exact same list of accomplishments without any references. If these expenses weren’t taken care of before he got in office, I think that would have been bigger news, if you find it please share.

    8. “The White House and federal government are respecting the Freedom of Information Act”
    - Major agencies cited the “deliberative process” exemption at least 70,779 times during the 2009 budget year, up from 47,395 times during President George W. Bush's final full budget year, according to annual reports filed by federal agencies.

    9. “Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible”
    - Same as 8.

    10. “Limits on lobbyist’s access to the White House”
    - I understand the good intentions behind this, but, it is a violation of our constitutional right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Even the ACLU agrees.
    11. “Limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration”
    - Yes, he promised this… however, more than 40 ex-lobbyists now are in top jobs in the current administration, including 3 Cabinet Secretaries.

  • MattKinMI

    Hey everyone. Whatever you think of Obama or Bush, Democrats or Republicans, are they not all politicians. Obama is obviously a very intelligent, very well-spoken individual. Maybe he does care, I don't know. I was adamant about supporting him until I realized he wasn't creating consensus among us Americans, but division. Take for example this election, the Reps and Dems are not making the issues the main highlight. It's character attacks, finger-pointing, and party-selling as usual... and Obama is doing nothing to dissuade it. If you have worked in sales or marketing, hopefully you can see the parallels and come to these conclusions for yourself. Ask whether Obama's actions are focusing on making this country better, or part of pre-conceived agenda that not everyone was educated on. Yes, he has done some good... but at what cost?

  • MattKinMI

    We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. We sent MORE troops in for "The Surge." We just took those troops back out and called it a withdrawal. That would be true, except for the fact that there are over 50,000 troops still there and actively engaged in combat duties. He has at least let the military run the war... which is good, since it has lead to the leak of the atrocities committed.

  • oystersonice

    I agree with you, the woman was an obvious plant and a disgrace.

  • Sdjklfklsjfkl

    Too bad we were in an economic collapse BEFORE 2009 lol good job on your research kid

  • Tea-baggers are incapable of seeing the truth. They only see what Glenn Beck and the other faux news pinheads tell them to see. There is little benefit in giving them the real fact of the matter. They are lost. Most of them still thinks that Reagan and the Bush dynasty were good for America.

  • patrick
  • patrick

    Here is a summary done by rachel maddow a few months back.

  • patrick


    You have been vicitimized by right wing lies.

  • sue

    Amen! I sooo agree with Domonique! As if Bush did better! All you need is Intelligent on that list and he beat Bush... cuz Bush has none! So I dont know what all those Bush supporters are proud of... a dumb person.... okkkkk?

  • sue

    Really Bush withdrew the troops?.... Obama did it right away..ended the war. we shouldnt have been there in the first place... it was afghan that did the attacks(if not the US) so why Iraq?..So If Germany bombed us would we go after France? I guess so, under Bush's mentality! hmmmmm! Bad decision making should be on bush's "gone wrong" long list. Obama is a decent president with peace in mind,not greed.

  • G.Carson was thinking of Bush.

  • Gjigh


  • sue

    Its never been this big of a mess that the Bush era created and maybe if there was more support from the republicans we would get out faster. If this list is true than you should all be grateful.

  • sue

    I dont think so it was clearly the previous loser administartion... banks, car dealerships, houses went out of business, not giving out loans, etc.

  • Frank

    to bad it's not true, becuz if it were the Democrats would be shouting out with this and i would vote for a democrat

    #1 & 2 this would be all over the news if it were true

    #3 this was in place a long time ago, rehash

    #4 was writen in during the Bush administration

    OMG, i can't read any more of this, no wonder things are messed up, it very mis- leading

  • skp

    Hey wait a minute! I'm all for giving the guy his due but this list is mostly stuff (and petty) that all presidents do when first coming into office.... Also included in this 'list' are mostly initiatives generated by government branch protocols that will happen or not happen regardless of who is president. Several of the items on the list are inaccurate, too many to mention but fall under the category of on-going events initiated long before Mr. Obama became president. As for the first Seder dinner, that's a bit rich! I think you have to ask Dr. Kissinger and the Nixon administration about that! (Not to mention the numerous state visits by Israeli officials in the decades past)

    This list was an embarassment at first. But, perhaps it was intended as a joke. I haven't looked up this 'Dr. Watson' because the name sounds a bit funny. This whole things comes across as a gag of sorts.

  • Um, Msi, there weren't 3.3 million govt. jobs. These were private sector.


  • Msi


  • Nomvuyo59

    Found the nation on it's knees economically when he took office.

  • S R B Deloro: Here's how to get yourself deleted. Call another commenter names. Buh bye.

  • S R B Deloro

    Your a retard just because bush wasnt a good public speaker dosent mean he didnt lead well. At least when bush said he was going to do something he would do it not like that spineless peice of shit in office now.

  • avg american

    bullshit. Period.

  • 93. That would have been Bush and Reagan. It takes longer than 20 months to

    dig out from their abysmal economic disasters.

    Nice try G.Carson.

  • G.Carson

    92. Brought a whole nation to its knees economically

  • Kcerab

    I am happy to see someone trying to keep a list of President Obama's accomplihments. It is so refreshing to see it in writing. For some of you skeptics that are questioning the legitimacy of the list, you apparently have no concept of running a project. In a project, it is an accomplishment when you move something from the conceptual stage into an actionable stage where action is actually taking place. Example, it is indeed an accomplishment to have gotten Isreal and the Arabs back to the table for peace talks even though they have not yet reached a peace agreement.

    I saw an apparent plant the other day saying to Obama she was exhausted trying to defend him. Well she apparently have no idea this list exist, so we need to get more postive narratives like this out there and stop allowing the Republicans to direct and control the conversations.

  • Patmerino

    I am so tired of Obama being denegrated. It is both CRITICAL & VITAL that we spread the word about Obama-clone the list if you like, get it out to all your friends so they can intelligently argue for Obama, the truth, the future-the upcoming elections depend on it.

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  • ROb

    Here is an updated list of Obama's greatest summarized accomplishments through August 2010:

  • PoloClown

    Absolutely Great! Glad that Bomb, bomb, Bomb iran thing was killed due to your dear leader and his brainless sidekick's humiliation at the polls.

  • Trevor L

    The bar was laid on the ground when Bush came to office. How can it possibly be lowered any further?

  • Dominique Heart

    Name 5 accomplishments of Obama's predecessor... You can name 50 con's faster than 5 pro's. Obama is only halfway through his first term and he already has many accomplishments. While a percentage of those accomplishments on this list are initiatives, they still go further than the willful ignorance of the former!

  • Douglaswitt

    92. Put 25,000 gulf oil workers out of work.
    93. Raised my taxes 8% for next year.

  • drake84

    well as a president all he can do is announce it and trying to convince congress to pass it. it really isnt all up to him. he cant dictate it

  • Bosavage

    I wonder who wrote this list of BS - Michelle? Give me a break!

  • posit

    I'm surprised that all the items listed are considered "accomplishments".

  • JD

    here is a similar list with links to articles, etc.

  • Frank Greenberg

    I am amazed at the number and breadth of the president's accomplishments.
    There should be more publicity of these fine deeds.

  • Twopeppers

    I agree. I was his biggest fan! He came in with the greatest potential for the change we so sorely needed. However, that went by the boards due to corporatism on the part of both parties in Congress and his conservative advisers, cabinet members and handlers. All victories were diluted so much and called "a start" while I don't see much hope for future We, the People-oriented changes being made to, say, health care reform, financial reform, JOBS (I don't think his jobs promises and intentions were even mentioned on the list). It's difficult to understand a philosophy that overtaxes underemployed people, then raises their expenses on every single front while allowing corporations to continue making obscene profits without paying taxes. To say nothing of having created wholesale unemployment in the first place. There are no jobs "coming back" from overseas! Nor are the offshore bank accounts closing! Those are cherished tools of the wealthy and will not be legislated against. Read through the list again and think about what each item actually represents in fact as opposed to lip service.

  • Twopeppers

    Many of these items are not accomplishment, but merely authorizations to look into things and good intentions. The majority have not been implemented, nor have they been funded. It's time for a realistic list of what has been actually done. And, yes, there are many good things. This list, however, is ridiculous. Ya GOTTA laugh!

  • Thank You for this posting on the 90 item's of accomplishment .... I wanted to link this to my journal for a reference on what some of this President has accomplished ... since so many of his opponent's say he does nothing, done nothing and is nothing.

  • Remark685

    President Obama brought dignity and respect to the office of the president of the USA. He is intelligent, poised, well educated, well spoken, communicative and sensitive to all people. He is the direct opposite of his immediate predecessor who could barely read or put two words together. It is the first time in eight years that I can look to our President with pride. This country needs to celebrate the good things everyone does. If we don't stop the picking of everyone and everything for partisan reasons. we just aren,t going to make it! RLW in Ohio

  • ss

    by my count there are no more than 6 "announced" items here vs 84 "is doing" he will win in 2012 on a record like this.

  • md

    as someone mentioned already: announcing plans and intentions and studies are NOT accomplishments. If you don't want to appear completely retarded you should refine your list oe change "accomplishments", and most of them aren't

  • thatsright

    Wait, I'm confused, "announcing" "plans" to "study" and "review" "announcements" count as "accomplishments" now?

    Way to lower the bar America!

  • mellowjohn

    so that "hopey, changey" thing's working out OK, then?

  • Bill H

    Well, I have trouble regarding "announced an intention to pursue" something as an "accomplishment," and your list contains quite a few of those, making it rather seriously overblown. Others are a bit questionable as to accuracy, like #21, which is now far behind schedule and being denied funding by Congress so agressively that it seems unlikely ever to become fact. #23, the "housing rescue plan" would, I think, be regarded by many as a failure, and by many others as an attempt to prop up housing prices to protect banks. #38, "cash for clunkers" was actually done by Congress, which might be splitting hairs, but I've never heard before that it was done at his bidding.

    That's not to say that he has not accomplished many worthwile things, but one's arguements is weakened when one startes adding spurious points. You have enough valid points that you didn't really need to add the fluff.

  • s-a-b

    Wasn't there some kind of successful Somali pirate hijacking resolution?


    That "do-nothing" President Obama has been pretty busy!

  • RBS Prods

    You nailed it. Keep this list updated. Thank You!