Video- Beck repeats distortion to claim Obama was silencing tea party protesters


This is the meme du jour- the wingers on CSPAN this morning were all feigning indignation that they were being "demeaned" by the President. And check out that sweater! My my my.

  • ejfree

    PROTEST. ADVERTISERS. SPONSERS. This time, not only not advertise on his show, lets get him off the air. HE IS TOO DANGEROUS. His mother committed suicide and a brother did the same. This man is CRAZY. He has admitted to drug abuse. The fruit don't fall far from the tree. Advertisers DEMS. Lets stop buying certain products. BECK MUST GO ! The TERRORIST and INCITER must go. Advertisers don't want you messing with their money. That's a fact.

  • T1theinfamous

    I honestly wish the president would go after the tea partiers and point out how insanely dumb they look. Glenn Beck is living in a fantasy world fueled by a mixture of ecstasy and xanax pills dipped in alcohol. If this wasnt so dangerous this would actually be hilarious

  • emiliepeacock

    Aww, is oo widdle feelings hurt? He must have dressed himself this morning.