VIDEO- Biden to Obama at Health Care Signing: 'This is a Big F*#cking Deal'


By GottaLaff

Yes, it is. And Robert Gibbs agrees:

H/t: Windy City Watch

  • johndavis1

    You know when that came out of Joes mouth it had a serene and calm, almost euphoric tone. Unlike the former "DICK" I mean VEEP, When Dick says it there is anger and hatred for mankind! Think about it!!!

  • Luci

    Yes we did! and it IS a big deal.

  • techweenie

    Ya gotta love Joe.

    Did he really think he was breaking news to the president?

  • Blondetwit

    Pardon me while I straighten myself up a bit...a roll on the floor laughing like that tends to muss one up a tad...

    It is! It is a big effing awesome righteous magnificent deal!

    I love Joe. Sometimes I don't know why. But I do. Maybe because so much of what escapes his lips is true...if not necessarily totally and completely appropriate at the time...his lips are just a little ahead of his brain, that's all.

    But who am I to stand on formality?

    F#*k yes! It's a mighty big deal.

    In homage to the President, Vice President and all who worked so hard on getting this thing passed, I shall commit to spend the rest of my day blurting out, "F#*K YES WE DID!" Of course, in the best and most inappropriate places. Loudly I might add:)

  • Lucy Rowles-Springer

    AHAHAHAAHAHA! I love it!! Yes We Can and Yes It Is!!