Code Red = Code Blue: Tea party rally falls flat


By GottaLaff

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Big surprise, huh? Tens of... tens show up at the big Code Red "Surge" Rally:

It looked like a mini-rally; a particularly well-organized group pushing some obscure, but popular, cause -- say, a limited ban on slaughtering ugly puppies -- might have been pleased with the turnout. There couldn't have been more than 1,000 people there at the beginning of the event.

Or as ClusterFox would say, millions.

But I like what the DNC has to say more:

The Democratic National Committee decided, based on their own informal headcount, that there were only 300 people at the rally. Spokesman Hari Sevugan sent out a list of "12 things that have had more than 300 people attend/participate in," including "any flight to Las Vegas," "a New Jersey Nets home game," and "screenings of 'Gigli'."

Oh, suh-nap!

Code Red Tea Tantrum: The Gigli of political rallies.