Be afraid... It's a FreedomWorks SURGE!


By GottaLaff

Will the "surge" work? None of the others did:

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There message is "simple", because, well, so are they:

We will be storming the three House Office Buildings: Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn. Our message is simple: VOTE NO on Obamacare 2.0. [...]

... pick up an area map, office locations, talking points and lobbying tips [...]

Buses can drop off passengers...

How adorable... they're training their TeaPeas to be lobbyists. That's about as folksy as you can get.

Don'tcha just love how grassrootsy that gigantic hugely enormous, wealthy, powerful, Dickle Me Armey-run FreedomWorks is?

The Tea Tantrumers must have oodles of gratitude for those grassy-rooty buses, huh?

What would they ever do without their rich ol' corporate lobbyist sugar daddies....
  • OsborneInk

    True fact: Dick Armey makes $200 an hour at FreedomWorks.

  • K.G. Smith

    From what I saw of the biased FOX News coverage slamming the protests FOR health reform, I suspect that this "surge" will be given very favorable coverage. Propaganda at its most insidious.