VIDEO- David Corn bets Brad Blakeman $1000 that he, Karl Rove lied


By GottaLaff

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Dee-lish! David Corn offered to bet former Bush spokesman Brad Blakeman $1000 that he and Rove were lying about the WMD inspectors being denied access to inspection sites. Right there on the Tee Vee Machine.

March 20, 2003:

Bush urged journalists to leave the country in his television address late Monday. "For their own safety, all foreign nationals — including journalists and inspectors — should leave Iraq immediately," the president said.

Bush ordered the inspectors out. Blakeman owes David Corn $1000.

  • Edwin Perello

    Oh man that was just beautiful. People have no idea how much these Bush/Rove lies spread throughout the Internet. I argued against them over and over again in political forums. Sadly, the media that Shuster is now a part of didn't do much to counter those lies.

  • jazzguyal

    He'll never collect on that.