VIDEO: Sarah Palin writes on her hand because she is just like God


By GottaLaff

This is so jaw-droppingly convolutedly typical:

Sarah Palin Speaks at the Ohio Right to Life fundraiser on March 5, 2010.

Via Gryphen:

[...] I heard NUMEROUS reporters and pundits call her out on both the content of what she wrote on her hand during the teabagger convention as well as the fact that she had to write it down to remember it. NOW look who is making things up.

I particularly enjoyed the part about GodClone McJustify's compulsion to scribble a dollar sign on her hand. I'm surprised it wasn't tattooed:

I wonder how much Jesus was paid for HIS speeches?

We know one thing about Jesus: He was no quitter. Sweartogod:

  • james

    by the way, how do you like your marxist-socialist prophet obama? he will turn out to be the new benedict arnold of the US because he is dedicated to black nationalism, reparations and destroying the capitalist system in the US... get ready to suck on the hind tit of the government

  • james

    dollar sign was to remind her to mention that she was gifting back the entire speaking fee to this group... so stick it up your a**es you bunch of liberal sewer swimming scumballs

  • Joanne

    One thing about Sarah Palin is that she exposes the evil on the left. I had no idea there were so many hateful people and it makes me sad for our country.

  • therightscoop

    Sarah Palin is awesome. And she is so right about this. She has the honesty, integrity and class to be our President...unlike the current one.

  • Luci

    God writes with His hand. Sarah Palin writes on her hand. Big difference! ( by the way, it is I, Lucy. Disqus would not let me use Lucy. Said it was taken.)

  • Luci

    Sarah Palin writes on her hand. God writes with His hand. Big difference!

  • Vicki


  • Vicki

    Ms Palin's effrontery leaves me speechless - so I'm just rying again to see if I can get in on this new format. I've tried before without success.

  • judygreenough

    Somehow always exceeding the previous act of obliviousness. Agree, it wasn't so much THAT she wrote on her palm, it was WHAT she wrote, ie, her supposed values/as I recall, what she'd focus on as Pres. Not to mention how she berated our Pres 4 using teleprompter, as she proceeded to read her own speech on the podium (not so fluently at times). So now she simply plays up how God like what she wrote was. Still miffed at those who say she's "a natural", or good speaker or comedian. Sad the media spent more time on her & her Leno appearance last week than on student tuition protests. No surprise another book/show is coming. Feeding a stray dog won't make it go away.

  • broadwaycarl

    The sad part is, this dimwit is selling the idea that the CONTENT of her hand scribbling is the important part and the goofballs in her audience are lapping it up. Forget about all the teleprompter jokes, forget that this idiot had to scrawl down the GOP agenda for the last 40 years, "energy" (OIL) and "tax cuts" in order to remember them. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain while she mesmerizes you with a Bible verse and all is forgotten.

    Oooh, look! Shiny keys! Jingle, jingle, jingle. DUUUHH, Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

  • Andrea

    Ugh.... this two-bit circus clown will be performing in Calgary, Alberta (only an hour from where I live, yay!) tonight... for the measly price of $150 - $200 per head. I wish I could report back that nobody shows up, or she is publicly shamed by our socialist health care supporters, but it's tough to say what kind of reception she gets, and how the screening process will go!

    On the other hand, the moderator for the Q&A will be Canadian Senator Pamela Wallin, who was a much-loved broadcast journalist for many years... wonder if ol' Sawahhhhh can expect some "Gotcha!" moments?? One can only hope 🙂

  • MARK

    she is as dumb as those who go to see her. The media and everyone else in the entire country wasn't bashing you because you wrote on you hand, or even the super-simple-to-remember content...we bashed you, you idiot, because you are a hypocrite of the first order. What's even worse, you know this but yet continue to serve up red meat to those people less fortunate - your fans.