Thursday Links


I'm still ticked off over that woman on Morning Joe.

Iraqi city sees increase in birth defects

Campus atheists offer free porn in exchange for Bibles

Six Other Beverage-Based Political Parties That Should Exist

Houston Chronicle: Lackluster showing puts damper on Tea Party Although Medina's 18 percent of the Republican primary vote was much more than most observers expected her to get when the campaign season got under way, the champion of the Tea Party/libertarian insurgents failed to force a runoff. Medina also failed to buoy up other Tea Party candidates across the state. Anti-establishment voters simply didn't materialize at the polls on Tuesday, and most Republican incumbents cruised to victory over their Tea Party challengers.

Japan Airlines can't stop black market in stewardess uniforms

Wyoming gov. signs law adopting 'cowboy ethics'

Cheap bumwad scare-ads of the late 1920s

USA Today: Census jobs unfilled in some places
The Census Bureau is having trouble finding qualified temporary workers in some neighborhoods for the national head count despite the record number of jobless who have swelled the nationwide pool of applicants.

  • Clancy

    One would hope that the Tea Party's relatively quiet failure in the Texas GOP primary on Tuesday would be a clue to the national media types that the "movement" is all hat and no cattle. While these yahoos have done a wonderful job making all sorts of loud noises, their political influence far out paces their actual power.

    Can we please start ignoring them again?