Obama to roll out first nuclear plant loan guarantee next week


By GottaLaff


Why? So we can create more waste that we can't store? That will last a kajillion years?

President Obama will next week announce a federal loan guarantee for utility giant Southern Company to build two new nuclear reactors in Georgia, an administration official said.

The Energy Department loan guarantee will be the first devoted to nuclear plant construction under a program authorized in a 2005 energy law.

President Obama and I do not see eye to eye on this at all.

  • Mr. Dak

    If the waste is radioactive, why not find a method of extracting THAT energy as well? Surely we are smart enough to find a better solution. These plants would only emit steam. Minus the waste, the worst environmental impact is the heating of the cooling water.

    Likewise, let's keep pushing the research towards a usable method for fusion which should produce even less, or no, waste.

    Regardless, there is no need to panic. Just getting permits to start building will take a couple of years.

  • Dave von Ebers

    I’m not reflexively opposed to nuclear power, but as with almost every approach we take to environmental problems, I worry that we’re exchanging one arguably more immediate problem (climate change) for another more distant but ultimately pretty serious problem (disposing of the waste). I don’t doubt that climate change is the most immediate environmental challenge we face, and I understand that sometimes you have to take a sort of triage approach to really serious problems. But isn’t it possible to address one environmental problem without creating another – just once, fer Chrissakes?

  • Anonymous

    Reading what Huda said...

    OK, so that all sounds great. BUT what about that waste. Seems THAT stuff never, ever gets discussed or talked about. And while just shooting it into space sounds good...what would happen if just one of those rockets loaded with spent fuel rods were to explode at a low altitude? Or crash back to Earth?

  • lahru

    No, we would rather spend taxpayer's money on new arenas and stadiums for the NFL, NBA and MLB owners.

    These arenas and stadiums are obviously better for the environment than nuclear power plants and the provide much more entertainment.

    Why have we not used the space program to dispose of spent fuel rods? It's called space for a reason.

  • Huda

    Actually nuclear plant is an efficient alternative energy for a country. We all have negative perception about its usage and rightly so since it can also destroy human life. But like all elements created either by man or nature, it has both good and bad usage.

    For instance, in France, the country's main electricity generation and distribution company, manages 59 of its nuclear power plants; 78% France's electrical power production.

    with the high rate of gas prices and near monopoly of Petroleum company by few unfriendly nations, its smart for an American president to act on an alternative. What should concern people is who will run these nuclear plants, the more government control the better, for environmental and security reasons.