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Nathan Deal (R-Ga) reportedly resigning


By GottaLaff

And another one bites, and another one bites, and another one bites the dust (apologies to Queen):

Nathan Deal has called two press conferences tomorrow morning, one in Dalton and one in Gainesville, to announce that he is resigning from Congress.

Sources close to his campaign tell me that Deal will resign his seat in Congress to focus on his campaign for Governor. The thought process is that he is spending too much time in D.C., and needs to be around “Real” Georgia voters more often.

As opposed to fake Georgia voters?

Here's an interesting twist:

If he’s no longer a member of Congress, he can’t be on the list of CREW’s most unethical Congressmen anymore.

Oops. Guess that's the real Deal...


Environmentalists question coal's place in Obama policy


By GottaLaff

The Monroe Power Plant in Monroe, Mich., with four coal-fired generating units built in the early 1970s emitted 19.4 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2008, the ninth largest amount among U.S. power plants. | Renee Schoof / MCT

Environmentalists are right. There is no such thing as clean coal.

Maybe Prez O should read this:

On the face of it, making the nation's abundant supply of coal less polluting is alluring. Keeping coal in the energy equation preserves jobs, and a way of life.

However, some scientists, clean-energy advocates and electricity producers are questioning Obama's approach. Instead, some argue, the world should phase out coal, use natural gas more efficiently and put more emphasis on renewable energy.

Critics of the administration's coal strategy also say it will be too expensive to retrofit existing plants with new technology, capture the carbon dioxide, compress it and pipe it to underground storage. More coal also would be needed to run the capture equipment.

What's more, the process wouldn't reduce coal's other pollution problems: smog, mercury, and the toxic metals such as lead and selenium in coal ash. Continuing to rely on coal also would do nothing to end the environmental damage of mining the coal itself. [...]

The Sierra Club has said it likes the president's overall energy plan, but disagrees with him on coal.

And while we're at it, until there's a safe way to store nuclear waste, ix-nay on the ukes-nay, too.


VIDEO- Pelosi: Health reform will pass, abortion rights will neither increase nor diminish


By GottaLaff

Nancy Pelosi is convinced there will be a "positive result" in the House. And by positive result, she must mean that there will be no homicides, because from what we've seen from members of Congress... Well, let's just say, if looks could kill...

On the contentious issue of abortion, she said a health reform bill will pass that will neither increase nor diminish the opportunity for abortion, as defined by current federal law.

Just pass the damn bill already.


VIDEO- Eric Cantor: We need "to get more people uninsured"


By GottaLaff

Today's Meet the Press:

Oh yes, yes he did:

"The reality is Republicans do care about health care," Cantor replied. "We want to address the first and most foundational element which is cost. Because if we can bring down cost, more people can access care. But we also know that there is something we can do to get people more uninsured."

The party that's for more uninsured Americans. That should get votes.

Freudian slip much?