Shallow Thoughts: SCOTUS at SOTU edition


By GottaLaff

Today's Shallow Thought:

Media punditiots and GOPers have defended Supreme Court Justice Alito's grimacing and mouthing his disagreement during President Obama's State of the Union address. If instead, Justice Sotomayor had smiled and mouthed approval, would the same people be defending her?

That was today's Shallow Thought. Thank you for wading in.

  • Anonymous

    I think here and now we should be calling for Alito's resignation. What is evident is that "We the People" cannot get a far trial in the U.S. Supreme Court because he has already made up his mind without hearing OUR case. For him to disagree with other Justices and there decisions is one thing but for him to publicly disagree with The President of the United States is dangerous for America.

  • Anonymous

    There would be a right wing movement to deport her-never mind the fact that she was born in New York.

  • BellaCVer

    Excellent point!

  • tickle_b

    Obviously a rhetorical question, but um..NO

  • dsg

    Well put, Laffy.