ENTIRE VIDEO: Obama's remarks at Republican retreat


By GottaLaff

Here you go, the whole thing.

President Obama spoke to House Republicans at their retreat in Baltimore. In his remarks he said he welcomed disagreement and debate, but called for genuine bipartisanship and asked for constructive ideas in confronting the nation's problems. Following his remarks he openly and frankly answered pointed questions from the Republican legislators. Topics ranged from health care, to energy policy, to taxes and the economy.

Does anyone remember Bush, the "compassionate conservative", doing this?

Me neither.

This takes reaching out to a whole new level.

UPDATE: Just now on MSNBC, Rep. Trent Franks:

"Obama's policies represent terrorists' rights."

See how well Obama's reaching out worked?

  • Blondetwit

    Phew! I'm glad you posted this; I haven't yet had a chance to watch it,heard about it and wanted to see it. I will now, THANKS to you!!!!
    And everybody should send a link via email to their email buddies who send the stupid emails (you know, the ones still demanding a birth certificate).

  • JUDI M.

    Thank you guys (gals) for posting this in it's entirety. If only EVERYBODY would watch this!
    You are always on top of things, as usual.

  • hardybear

    Thanks, was looking forward to a rewatch and further mocking opportunities! And noooo, I cannot even hypothetically fathom W or any 'compassionate' con doing such an event.