Paddy has malware, I had no electricity, but hey, at least I have the flu!


By GottaLaff

Paddy posted a headzup earlier. Here's one more. I think I'll be able to post a few today, but I now have the flu, which was not helped by freezing through 9 hours of electricity outages yesterday, last night, and again at 2 a.m.

I live in Southern California where we are/will be deluged by heavy rains for the next 5 days. Hence, the outages.

Paddy's computer was attacked by malware, so we're in real good shape.

Please be patient. I'll try to post as long as I feel well enough to sit up. Don't try to talk me out of it (I know my Twitter pals!), because I don't see the difference between lying around feeling like hell or sitting up feeling like hell.

I promise I'm drinking tons of tea, taking vitamins, contacting my doctor, and will rest when I feel I should. (Thank you, Twitter pals, for all the advice... my dad's a doctor and I worked in doctor's offices for years, so I'm up on all the remedies)

Paddy's working hard to debug her computer.

SoCal Edison sucks, by the way. This is a perfect example of infrastructure needing fixing. Our power goes out with every storm. Their response? We're well aware of the problem, and it should be fixed within the quarter.

So by April, we'll be fine? After the rainy season is over? And if this has been a years-long ongoing problem, why hasn't it already been fixed?


To quote Rachel Maddow, "Grrrrowwlll, sexy!'


I'm back but slow catching up. And let me just say that my very first experience with overseas tech help was a joy. He couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. It just took freaking forever. Now let's go see what's making news.- Paddy

  • Lsamsa

    Agreed T1...good for all the vitamins, etc....but you need to rest, rest, rest. Beautiful restorative sleeeeeep!!! 🙂

  • T1

    get some rest,take the rest of tuesday off. the world wont end if you get some sleep

  • SeattleDan

    Damn, you guys are getting some weather. In the meantime, as you wait it out, get better. We need a healthy Laffy and an uninfected Paddy.

  • hippie_cyndi

    yeah....but then again I'm not much for conventional talking heads on tv. About polling, its hard 2 determine who will win it in most special election. I'm looking for more than hope, turn out is pretty high according to those who voted across the state.....expect some great news by tonight....we still have 9 hrs to go.

    ps. URGENT: Drivers needed for Coakley Voters. Updated, more info!:,-more-info!

  • Ryan

    I don't mean to suppress votes at all. I am still holding out hope that she pulls it off, but from everything I have read and seen in polling...thinks are not looking good. It's not wrong to point out the obvious.

  • hippie_cyndi

    uumm Ryan.....not what people on the ground are saying....those kinda of msgs are pointless and a way 2 suppress votes.

    get well GL....and Paddy there are some great free easy 2 download programs that protect you from malware and spyware....hope you got rid of it.

  • Paddy

    Gotta just had the comments on monitoring because of all the nutjobs we've been attraction lately- I put them back on regular while I'm here.

  • Anonymous

    but comments still are not showing up grrrr

  • Anonymous

    You're alive!

  • Ryan

    I'm sorry to hear this news...the news isn't getting much better out of Mass. The Kennedy senate seat is going to be lost to a tea bagger.

  • Walt

    Laffy, I hope you feel better. It raining hard up here in the Bay Area as well. It was not fun driving into work. Stay warm. Love those power outages.

  • David G.

    Get some rest, Laffy. We need you healthy... And Paddy, good luck with your computer. You guys are a lifeline to what's going on and we need you both up and running. D.

  • Blondetwit

    Get Well Soon! Your post gives me opportunity to slap the face of ppl who oppose "bigger gov't". We have a non-private, public electric utility here- Cowlitz Public Utility District. Yes, that would be shortened to CowPUD. I pay 5.12cents per kWh for my electricity that's virtually always on. Most of you down south pay between 10-37 cents per kWh. I love my electricity bill. I even had one that was only $9 - in the summer, when it wasn't too hot. I kept that bill. These folks are incredibly efficient and keep the lights on, even through last night's awful windstorm. Although I admit we did experience a 2 hr outtage Sunday night in another awful windstorm.
    I <3 Cowlitz PUD!!! I always hated SoCalEdison.