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Massachusetts special election results

Update from Chris (9:10 p.m.): I am pretty sure, based on current returns, that Brown will win. Expect the race to be called for him shortly.

(1,357 of 2168 precincts reporting - 62.6%)

I'm going to go read up on the Libertarian Party and get drunk. See you guys in the am. (PS- I hope I wake up with a hangover and completely wrong.)

ADDED- 9:22MSNBC just reported AP called it for Brown, Coakley has called and conceded to Brown.

  • Anonymous

    😉 x 2

  • GottaLaff

    I left John's comment up because it was not baiting, it was honest.

    The rest were juvenile and baiting. We don't allow those here. Honest debate is welcome, not taunting.

  • hippie_cyndi

    I hope it wakes Obama and dem in the right direction. Letting your opponent define you while you serve the interest of wall street is not what avrg voter wants. A lot of Brown voters are Obama voters....whether we like it or not...taking them for granted is the biggest mistake both Coakley and the dems did. Even Ted Kennedy who knew he'll always win big campaigned every second till election day...knowing winning is more than rhetoric.

    having said that....if Republicans with 51 senate seat under Bush can get their agenda passed to the destruction of the country....the dems better get health care and financial reform done or they are truly toast in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    SeattleDan said...
    Let's speak of this no further.

    Like having a 58 to 41 spread is a bad thing. Lieberman doesn't count, and now can be kicked to the curb.


    There is an upside! Thanks for putting a good light on this disaster! 🙂

  • Clancy

    I'm with 接觸.

    But seriously, sigh.

    I'm not a big fan of the blame game, nor do I (or anyone else for that matter) know of what exactly this portends, but I'm fairly certain that 99.9% of what we as progressives, and America as a whole, "learn" from this will be 100% wrong.

    Despite Coakly's obvious failings as a candidate, all things being equal, there is no way in hell she should have lost this race. I've heard many compare this to Deeds' loss in Virginia, which is unfortunate, because the only thing the two candidates had in common was their tone-deafness. Historically, that the VA gov race was a long uphill battle for a Democratic candidate to win (two Dems in a row + Dem in WH, not a good combination). For me, this seems much more akin to Corzine's loss in New Jersey and obviously seems connected to uncertainty over the absolutely crappy economy more than anything else. Right or wrong, and fault aside, the party in power pays a price during economic downturns. Unless things improve, look for 2010 to be a sad, sad year for our side.

  • SeattleDan

    Let's speak of this no further.

    Like having a 58 to 41 spread is a bad thing. Lieberman doesn't count, and now can be kicked to the curb.


  • Anonymous

    ...looks like Laffy will have to take care of some anon posts in the AM...

    As a life long Dem, I must say, what the f*uk is wrong with these Dems. I can easily see that the Rushpubs are a mess but didn't think that the entire NE corridor of Dems could have screwed this up BUT...they did!

    And Xopher, I hate to be a bummer but I don't think it will make any'll be every Dem for themselves, much like politics is for everyone these days.

  • Kitty

    WTF! The republicans use the last 30 years to burn down the house, bulldoze the ashes into dust, pour kerosene on it, burn it again, then dig up the site and fill it with toxic chemicals. And when the democrats come in to put things right and can't rebuild the house and install pretty landscaping in less than a year the country says democrats bite and start electing republicans again. Kind of idiotic, doncha think?

  • pigboy

    Well, so much for taking the lying, hate filled, carpetbagger republicans for granted.

    So much for ignoring the will of those who put them into office over the last two election cycles.

    So much for taking those voters for granted.

    That was the biggest mistakes national Democrats could have made.

    Assuming that a double digit lead was some kind of protection or guarantee of victory.

    Now let's see how well these Democrats hold together after this huge blunder.

    Will they hold their heads up with some kind of dignity?

    Or will they allow the Hannity's, O'Reilly's, Limpballs to continue to define them and what they stand for.

    The base was there. The foundation was solid and you all in Washington decided to use paper and straw for the structure. That kind of structure always fails in adverse conditions.

  • Xopher

    This is good news...for the Democrats. It may be the impetus to light some fires under some, er, bellys. As well, it may bring a few others, still high on the liquor of victory, back to ground. I hope it also reminds some just exactly who voted for them and why.

  • Dr. President

    YEAH, ERIC! We sure showed those dems, didn't we??? dumbass.

  • John


  • Anonymous

    McDonnell, Christie, and now Brown. Nope, the magic is gone. What is the message here? Hmmmm

  • Eric

    The Democrats deserve this! The have compromised on everything this year. This is not the Democratic Party that I belonged to for 36 years. This is the Corporate Compromise Party, who screwed us on health care, wall street, mortgages, the environment and countless other things. I am so glad I switched to Independent. This is what happens to a political party that forgets its principles. Stand by more more Scott Browns to come!

  • Ryan