Phone banks for Martha Coakley


By GottaLaff

Why should you bother? Go here for Scott Brown's greatest hits. Then read this. Then hit the phones.

Organizing for America

Tomorrow, there's a special election to fill the Senate seat Ted Kennedy held for 47 years in Massachusetts.

This is a critically important election for the fate of health reform, for our work to curb Wall Street abuses, and for so much more.

With this election being held at an unusual time, we need to make sure Massachusetts voters know when and where to vote -- and how important electing Martha Coakley is to the entire country.

To reach key voters in this final stretch, we're holding phone banks near you.

Can you join us? RSVP to a phone bank near you.

Call voters for Martha Coakley

No prior experience is necessary, and Organizing for America volunteers will be on hand to provide all the guidance you'll need to be successful.

Every voter you reach could tip the balance. RSVP here to as many phone banks as you can make it to:

Thank you for your help,


Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

P.S. -- If you can't make it to a phone bank near you, please make calls from home. Click here to get started.