First Bush, Now Palin Get(s) Motivated!


By GottaLaff

Barbie McLip$chmutz i$ jumping right into the How to Alienate Friend$ and Influence Moron$ pool:

Sarah Palin has joined the Get Motivated! speaking series, joining former President Bush as a previous speaker for the organization. Her topics:

  • How to Successfully Manage and Balance Your Personal and Professional Priorities
  • How to Overcome Obstacles with Creative Solutions
  • The Secrets to Effective Decision-Making
  • How to Have Grace Under Fire
  • How to Become a Person of Influence

Let's take these one by one:

--Balancing personal and professional priorities is a snap for Barbie. She gave up reading, motherhood, and governing her own state to become a vice presidential candidate. Next.

--To get around legal findings, Barbie relied on Republican appointees and her usual doubletalk, as well as a spokesperson... and 3 words: Deny, deny, deny.

I have two words of my own: Section IV. From the TrooperGate report:

For the reasons explained in section IV of this report, I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 2952.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

--Barbie is good at one thing: Deciding to quit. And that's exactly what she did when she failed to show up for numerous engagements, quit her own vacation, and of course, when she abandoned her own state by blowing off her governorship.

--As for "grace" under fire, the time she got punk'd is the only time I remember Barbs showing a modicum of presence of what passes for a mind. Most of the time, she's been too busy accusing others of pallin' around with terrorists and arranging death panels, among many other things. That's anything but gracious.

--I'll give her this: She does have influence... on horny punditiots and weak-minded wannabes. The rest of us have somehow managed to avoid her lure. Or lore. Or lair. Or liar.

If anything, we're motivated to run in the opposite direction.

  • GottaLaff

    Hit home, eh Reagan? If only there were a way to defend her.

  • ReaganTMan

    Okay, children. Play time is over. You keep messing with the pitbull and it will bite you, ya know.

    I know, the mere mention of Sarah Palin makes libs soil and wet themselves, drool at the mouth and turn into flaming morons. Mental illness is a serious thing. I shouldn't be so cruel on you guys.

  • gainesMI

    no matter which topic she covers the advice will be the same...when lying doesn't work...quit!!