From the Dep't. of Double Standards: The Greatness of St. Ronnie


By GottaLaff

I got wind of this event via a reader. What event, you ask? Why, it's a swell essay contest! Brought to you by the Utah GOP who encourages the kiddies to gush about Ronald Reagan.

Now then, children, let's think back a couple of months to Obama's speech to all those students who he did his level best to indoctrinate. Remember that?

Just a few months after school officials in Utah's Republican strongholds adamantly opposed any effort to allow schoolchildren to watch an address from the president of the United States at school, Utah County schools are collaborating with the Utah County Republican Party to hold an essay contest for sixth-graders extolling the greatness of Ronald Reagan.

"The greatness of Ronald Reagan." Why, without him, our economy wouldn't be what it is today! Trickle down became a household phrase, and... Oh, what the heck. Reiterating all his saintitudiness would just bore you.

Besides, you can hear it all you want, daily, from the Rushpublic punditiots on the Tee Vee Machine.

I wonder who in particular would sponsor such an indoctrinatey love fest?

The e-mail, from the district's social studies curriculum director Todd Billings, said the Republican Party is sponsoring the essay contest for sixth-graders in the Provo, Alpine and Nebo school districts -- all within Utah County -- with a $250 first prize, $100 second prize and $50 third prize.

Oh, so they're paying the kiddies for their efforts. Isn't that socialistic of them, spreading the wealth like that.

Would you like to join the fun?

The essays are to be submitted to

My bad. I see I'm getting my back up for nothing. See, there's a difference between this tribute to St. Ronnie's legacy and President Obama's speech, see:

But Provo district spokeswoman Laken Cannon says there is no improper use here. Reagan is a past president, like Washington or Lincoln, she said, and not someone currently running for office. Plus the students are not required to participate. It's voluntary.

Voluntary indoctrination is so much more acceptable. Please disregard this entire post.

  • Matthew

    @David G.

    Write an essay for 'em. 🙂

    It might give the kids a new angle to look at what their school is doing to them.

  • RAM

    And speaking of the GOP and race, I don't know if you've seen this over at the Democratic Underground, but it's really interesting. Or appalling. I'm going with appalling.

  • David G.

    Sadly, there were more negatives than positives during Reagan's 8 years... Somehow Republicans have forgotten his criminal activities as well, like guns for hostages and covertly providing guns to our central American "friends". Maybe the kids could write about that. D.

  • Wolfe Tone

    Dang, Laffy.
    I wish I had your readership!

    In any event, I'm glad this story is getting out there. It underscores the schizophrenic, underhanded style of the GOP.

  • Marti

    district spokesperson lady, President Obama wasn't "currently running for office" either, he was the PRESIDENT!


  • chris

    "Reagan is a past president, like Washington or Lincoln..."

    well, not exactly like Washington or Lincoln.

  • Walt

    Double standard, indeed. Just like these right wing pundits and politicians who go on mainstream TV and spew out their b.s., only to go back on mainstream TV and scream about the media not allowing their voices to be be heard, only to go back on mainstream TV and spew out their b.s., only to go back...