Centerfold double standard?


By GottaLaff

Reader Raine1967 reminds us that if this had been Martha Coakely's stapled, um, area, we might very well have had a scandal brewing ... and an election bid down the drain:

Long before he was a politician, the Republican candidate vying for Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat posed nude for the centerfold of Cosmo. Scott Brown won our “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and appeared in the June 1982 issue. In those days he was a 22-year-old law student at Boston College who was cramming for finals just days before stripping down for our photographer.

Are you ready for your close-up, Mr. Happy, er, Brown?

Is that your stimulus package, or are you just happy to see me?

Brown campaign's biggest donor: Staples.

More groanworthy one-liners encouraged in Comments.

  • hippie_cyndi

    lol...from the look of it...he doesn't have much 2 staple.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, gotta go wash my eyes out! Can't find the door...

  • kat

    i remember burt reynolds stapled mid-section...i believe it was his navel?

  • RightKlik

    Ha! When did progressives become such prudes?

    Martha should do a photo spread to prove that women can do anything men can do.

  • GottaLaff

    You got it Danny! That was intentional. Woot!

  • danny6114

    The lower pic is Brown telling everyone what the staples are hiding!