Jarrett: Accusations of "seedy Chicago politics" a "cheap shot"


By GottaLaff


You've all heard the "seedy Chicago politics" accusations about President Obama and his staff, I assume? They're pretty hard to avoid.

Okay then, if you're sick and tired of smeary, name-calling Rushpublics, raise your hand.


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Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett pushed back against the Republican refrain in a year-end interview with Politics Daily. Jarrett focused specifically on Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-S.C.) use of the phrase in a recent CNN interview.

"It was definitely a cheap shot and completely unwarranted," said Jarrett, who is one of several Chicagoans to join the Obama administration. "I think what people ought to do is to focus on how they can be constructive in their discourse and present fresh ideas for the president's consideration, and not lose focus on why they were all elected. They were elected to serve the people." [...]

"He does not spend time pulling his hair out worrying about the extreme views," she said. "It's not constructive and it's not going to improve the quality of life of everyday people who are out there struggling."

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Okay, hands down. I think we're all in agreement here.

  • hippie_cyndi

    pahleeeese....if so-called Chicago politics was practiced by Obama and his admin....the likes of Lieberman would be their 'yes man' bitch by now. I'll say, they need a bit rough and tumble to get their policies enacted and fill their 1/2 empty admin and bureaucracy postings.

    these right wing talking bullshit have no foundation.....I've yet to see it in action.

  • e-tronicizer

    It is indeed a cheap shot, used by .. or shall I say resorted to by almost all of the opposition during the 2008 presidential campaign. Where I grew up, it was the "New York political machine," originally known as (the)"Tammany Hall" (machine). Interesting though, the NY political machine was not well oiled enough to beat "Chicago politics."
    Sorry, couldn't resist:)
    Speaking of New York and politics, Percy Sutton passed away at age 89. Sutton was a major player in Harlem, NY politics and a well respected figure among NY African Americans.

  • Dave von Ebers

    (Sorry, I accidentally posted that last comment twice. Must’ve been really worked up!)

  • Dave von Ebers

    As a native Chicagoan, you have no idea how tiresome all this Chicago-bashing has become. Really, what the hell did we do to deserve this? Most folks who rant and rave about “Chicago politics” have never set foot in the city itself (and no, going through a terminal at O’Hare doesn’t count) and have no idea what an incredibly vibrant, sophisticated place this is.