VIDEO: Barrasso confirms Coburn's prayer answered


By GottaLaff

By now you've heard about Doctor Senator Coburn's prayer for "someone" to miss the health care vote, the implication being his wish for the ailing Senator Byrd to be, um, "unable" to make it:

United States Senator Tom Coburn asked people to pray for a Senator to miss the health care reform bill vote. Those prayers were fulfilled because United States Senator James Inhofe missed the vote.

Irony is not dead:

H/t: Hippie_Cyndi

  • Bruce

    Ha ha ha, that was hilarious. I'm guessing that the caller wasn't really a teabagger and was having some fun with the senator. Of course the senator is going to evade the question but too bad the moderator couldn't have at least followed up and asked him what he thought of his fellow Republican senators praying for the bad things to happen to a Democratic senator.

  • Anonymous

    With one wave of the magic God wand & the world's problems could be over.

  • Lion Blade

    BTW, I'll admit that I shouldn't have sounded so harsh in my previous comment, but I'm sick and tired of the right-wing extremists abusing religion/faith for their selfish purposes. What makes them think that a prayer to God could be used for the wrong reasons? Most importantly, what makes them think that God would even respond to a wicked prayer?

  • Mr. Dak

    Did the caller say they held a prayer vigil to pray that Sen. Burr would die?!?!?! Good lord! Is this the country I'm raising my child in?!?!?

  • Lion Blade

    I wouldn't call this irony. I would call this justice.

  • Matt Osborne

    You know that sound they play on Sesame Street? The brass instrument with three lilting notes followed by a long one? It goes sort of like WAHH-wah-wa-WAAAAAAA

    I am making that sound right now.