Obama Silent On Public Option In Speech To Senators


By GottaLaff

President Obama met with the Democratic caucus today, and spoke for about a half an hour.

I encourage you to find photos of Traitor Joe and deface them, stat:

Lieberman was beaming as he left the room and happy to re-point it out when HuffPost asked him what Obama had said about the public health insurance option, perhaps the most contentious issue still facing Democrats as they negotiate their way toward a final health care reform bill.

"Well, it was interesting to me -- of course everybody hears with their own ears -- that he didn't say anything about the public option," said Lieberman. "In other words, when he outlined how far we've come on the bill, he talked about the cost-containment provisions; he talked about the insurance market reforms; and he talked about enabling 30 million more people to get insurance. He said these are historic accomplishments, the most significant social legislation, or whatever you call it, in decades, so don't lose it."

Harry Reid says we shouldn't read too much into that. And he's always been right about everything. [sarcasm]

Here's what Tom Harkin said:

"Well, he didn't mention either abortion or the public option [...] He just laid out in very stark terms for us what the future would be if we didn't pass [health care reform]. I think he's right. I think it would be devastating. [...] We want to be more hopeful, we want to give people hope. So I thought his message on that was right on target."

I'm already hearing very negative reaction on the Internets. People are "giving up" on Obama. Maybe this isn't what they wanted to hear, but let's try to be a little more constructive with our feistitude.

Yes, I'd love to see him come out swinging. I am as impatient as the next person, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet.