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To our readers: Happy, healthy new year!


By GottaLaff

I can't believe it. In only a few hours, it will be an election year. Hang onto your hats!

Meanwhile, I took a shine to this sparkly, clocky, balloony New Years gif:


Paddy and I wish you the best, happiest, healthiest, most prosperous New Year ever.

Thank you for sharing all the good news with us, and enduring all the bad. Thank you for coming up with amazing, pithy (yes, I just wanted to say "pithy"), hilarious, sweet, thoughtful, insightful comments.

We appreciate you more than you know, and can't wait to make a difference with you in 2010.


PhotOh! Obama the Palin Shoeshiner via, yes, another nasty e-mail


By GottaLaff

Gryphen has the whole story behind this appalling photo. Please go read, and bring your Pepto with you:


And just to give the people who support this kind of thing a little reality check. Barack Obama is our president, while Sarah Palin is a woman who quit her job, wrote a book full of lies, and is so terrified of me that she had me banned from a public event.

These disgusting, doctored photos never fail to turn my stomach and make me wonder how the cretins who find them so amusing became so pathetically racist. Why were they taught to be that way? Why couldn't they evolve... just a little?

Yeah, yeah, I know.


PhotOh! What a Shmuckola Looks Like


By GottaLaff

This is what a schmuckola looks like:


Follow the link to The Mudflats for details:

Eddie Burke, the local radio hatemonger on KBYR 700-am and Sarah Palin’s golden boy had his show chopped by an hour, and his time slot moved.

A whole hour? Pity.

No it's not. I lied.

And what is it with Barbie McLipSchmutz groupies who can't spell? I mean really... "rascist"?


VIDEO: CNN's Rick Sanchez ambushes Ensign on sex scandal


By GottaLaff


Aww, someone had to answer actual questions from an actual Tee Vee Machine questioner with actual Tee Vee Machine questions? Unheard of!

Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) does his first CNN interview expecting to discuss terrorism but gets grilled on his sex scandal instead. It's must-watch video.

"Sir, that's an illegality." Why, it most certainly is.

Wait. What? Confrontation? Attempts to get the truth? On a "news" program? Other than on The Rachel Maddow Show?

Of course, that doesn't mean Sanchez got answers... but kudos!