Washington Times to shut down


By GottaLaff


The Washington Times may go online-only:

The Washington Times, a daily launched in 1982 by Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, is set to lay off much of its editorial and production staff tomorrow, according to reputable sources within the paper.

The struggling paper, which reportedly has lost billions of dollars in its 27 year history, may be on the verge of a shutdown within 60 days.

Rev. Moon's paper just cratered.

H/t: Babzter

  • Wondermachine

    This is good news but with one caveat. In Washington, the Times actually tended to have better local coverage. It's amazing how the Washington Post turned its back on the local community and local government issues. The Times local coverage was good and its writers dedicated (and surprisingly lefty or moderate). It was always strange but if you polled any DC resident they'd tell you the same thing. So for that alone it's going to be a loss.

  • kimbutgar

    Best news I've heard all day!