That Marine reservist who beat a Greek priest? Here's the racy sequel


By GottaLaff

Is it hot in here or is it just Jasen? (Original post here)

Check these out. Here's a sample:

Is that a tire iron, or are you just happy to see me? Whew! Semper fi, indeed.

Too bad he's a violent, racist thug.

H/t, or should I say "hot" tip: Joeyess and TPM

  • Dr. President

    eh, I've seen better looking.

  • Anonymous

    The muscles are not real.
    The scumbag isn't gay, he's just profiting from them by thinking there are some who want to look at him.
    Just a good example of what happens when you combine steroids, testosterone, ignorance, big head, small manhood, and over-zealous biggots.
    I don't think anyone will be stupid enough to believe any part of his lame story.

  • Anonymous


    Actually, as an added note.

    A lot of these guys, whether they be str8, gay, or bi...move around, posing for all kinds of sites.

    Heck, they're just showing their stuff...there's no touch of anyone else, so you are left to your own imagination. He certainly could be ultr-str8 but, money is money, when you've been gifted with a bod like that.

    I'm sure that the Rushpubs would agree; Business is business!

  • Anonymous

    WELL, if it weren't that he appears to have been a nut or just flipped out...

    Hot! (sorry!)

    Let's see what Levi has to offer next...Ooooo, wrestling match between the oil...or mud.

  • Anonymous

    anon. Is there something wrong with being gay?

  • Anonymous

    what a bigot. a hate monger. like john mohammed.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently he's gay. If so, hope his semper fi buddies let him in on a little DADT initiation. What a jagoff!! The comments on his model page are quite angry and IMO humorous.

  • GottaLaff

    So would I.

  • Anonymous

    I'd jump in Peter Orszag's lap any day over that.

  • mellowjohn

    does he know jeff gannno?

  • jazzguyal

    Look I'm yellin' ya, I din't take no 'roids,man!

  • Basadd

    Eh, he looks like a straight up meathead. Attractiveness is a wholistic concept, and after what this person did to priest, its obvious how ugly he really is.