Tammy Bruce: Obama is a coon


By GottaLaff


Really? A coon? Is this where we’re at now? Because this sort of stuff isn’t coded speech, it’s not a dog whistle or faux-irony … it’s flat-out, no-apologies, bottom-of-the-barrel, peckerwood racism. Coming from a supposedly mainstream, ‘mugged-by-reality’ class of political commentator.

Here's part of the problem. We need a solution. Now.

America is becoming more and more desensitized to spew like this and to the toxic excrement coming from the usual sources (it's becoming more and more revulsive to type/see their names in print). And so, perversely, it becomes more commonplace, and therefore more tolerable to "some".

I'm not "some" and I never will be. But can anyone think of a time when racism was so flagrantly, bald-facedly prevalent, accessible, and media hyped as if it were some bad reality show?

H/t: Oliver Willis